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911 Calls March 16, 2005

Filed under: 3/12 — Annette @ 2:14 am

I listened to the 911 calls today.  In one of them the caller was instructed to try to find someone to whom she could administer CPR.  She found the closest person, who must have been Bart Oliver.  My friend Nick Oliver was with him.  She said, “Nick, is he breathing?”  She didn’t get a response, so she asked again.  I heard Nick say, “I don’t know!”  You could hear the terror in his voice.  I can’t imagine.  It’s different for Jon because he wasn’t there to see what happened, and as a result doesn’t have those memories to haunt him.  But Nick saw his little brother shot and killed before his own eyes, and no doubt he died while Nick was with him, looking on.  I saw a quick interview with my friend Tommy Geiger’s dad and little brother.  Terry Ratzmann aimed at little Robert Geiger, but missed.  The bullet went right past his head.  The Geigers and the Olivers are cousins.  As the story unfolds, it seems to me that Terry targeted the leadership, and then the youth.  I don’t know how else you can explain all the kids who were shot.  James, because he was a Gregory, but then also Bart, Angel, Matt, and Lindsey, and Robert should have been hit.  Someone remarked that they thought the death of Carl McNair was the wake-up call to the older generation, and this was the wake-up call to the younger generation.


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