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Hotel Arrangements March 16, 2005

Filed under: 3/12 — Annette @ 3:58 pm

Hi everyone,

Martin and I have been working over the last 12 hours or so to arrange hotels for everyone for this weekend.  We know the group rate be helpful, and we think it’s really important that everyone be together through all of this.  We have made arrangements for everyone to stay at:

Best Western: Milwaukee Airport Hotel and Conference Center
5105 S. Howell Ave.
Milwaukee, WI  53207

The hotel has a complimentary continental breakfast, indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, exercise room, laundry, dry cleaning, free high speed Internet in the rooms, and refrigerators available, among other things.  They’re expecting us to take approximately 20 rooms.  It’d probably be best if you could call ahead and let them know that you’re coming, but if you want to just show up and grab a room, you can do that as well.   We’re not locked in for a set number of days, so you’re free to come and go whenever you’d like.  Just tell them that you are coming for the funeral service with the Living Church of God, and you will get the group rate of $59/night.  We expect that we will be combining people together in rooms so that all the rooms are full and no one has to pay for an entire room on their own.  The hotel is 4 miles from the Community Center where the funeral will be held.  The directions to the Center from the hotel are:

1. Start at 5105 S. Howell Ave, Milwaukee, on WI-38 South – go 0.1mi
2. Make a U-turn at E. Joseph M. Hutsteiner Dr. onto WI-38 South – go 0.6mi
3. Turn RIGHT on E. Layton Ave – go 2.4mi
4. Turn LEFT on S. Kingan Ave – go 1.0mi
5. Turn LEFT on WI-32 West – go less than 0.1mi
6. Arrive at 3476 E. Howard Ave, St. Francis, on the RIGHT

Martin and I have contacted as many of you as possible today, but we know we haven’t gotten everyone.  Please send this message on to everyone who might be coming.  If you need more information or are having troubles with the hotel, you can contact myself or Martin.  I am leaving today (Wednesday) at 12PM, so I won’t have access to my email after that, but I will have my cell with me.

I hope you have a safe trip, and that you are remaining strong through this trial.  God willing, we will see many of you tomorrow.



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