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Sometimes I just have to wonder. March 25, 2005

Filed under: 3/12 — Annette @ 10:31 pm

I had the day off from school today because it’s Good Friday.  In my un-thinking exuberance, I decided to go buy groceries.  Let’s ponder this for a moment…  It’s *Good Friday.*  NOTHING is open.  So I spent half an hour trekking across Kingston to find that the grocery store was closed.  I had to resort to Cambodian Village (my favourite take-out place) to buy dinner for tonight, since I haven’t bought groceries in 4 weeks.  The only food I have left is three eggs, expired sour cream, and butter.


Martin talked to Jon today.  It sounds like Jon is in high spirits.  He’s still making fun of Martin (Sister Sister, Camerican relations, etc.), so that’s a good sign 🙂


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