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Evening stroll. December 15, 2005

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Whoo, that was awesome. 

So the new exam break strategy is taking midnight walks.  Tonight it’s -20C (-4F) out, but whatever.  I’m hardy 🙂  It’s so nice outside.  The park is all lit up with lights on the trees (you say pagan, I say pretty :)), and there’s a big ol’ full (at least mostly?) moon.  I walked around the park and then went and lied down in the outdoor skating rink they put in every year (minus the ice – they haven’t poured it yet).  The snow was still prestine there, so I lied on my back in the snow and looked at the moon and the 5 stars (planets?) that were visible.  (Yeah…I live in the city, and was surrounded by streetlights :))  It was awesome.

And now, I eat a mix of peanut butter, jam and uncooked quick oats from a bowl.  Still out of bread.

Back to studying!


2 Responses to “Evening stroll.”

  1. Gary Says:

    “Pour ice”. That just sounds funny.

  2. Karl Says:

    Haha, lied down. Very nice. NO SLEEP FOR YOU! ONE YEAR!

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