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Sleepless night #586. December 16, 2005

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Well, music’s over.

This afternoon Dave and I met up to study for music.  We both started out pretty shaky, but ended up fairly confident.  The exam was tonight, and I think it went fairly well overall.  It’d definitely have gone better if I’d read the book.  Oh well.  That could potentially burn me, but I think I knew enough to still do well.  Thankfully Dave and I spent a good bit of time memorizing dates (I hadn’t been doing that at all on my own), because there were a bunch of date questions. 

We’re supposed to get 30cm of snow tonight.  Right now it’s snowing so hard I can hear the snow being pelted against my window.  Yay snow!

Earlier tonight I was nearly ready to kill my housemate.  Long story short, I had an hour to sleep before music, and really really needed it in preparation for the exam and for tonight.  She knew I was asleep, but pounded on my door, then just walked in, turned my light on, woke me up…all to say “Merry Christmas!” and give me a Christmas present.  *sigh* 

The reason I was irritated was because I knew it was my last chance to sleep before 4:30PM tomorrow afternoon without adversely affecting my grades.  I’ve got toxicology at 9AM, and whoo-whee, I have a good bit to cover before then.  I think it’ll all be okay, but…it’ll still require a lot of work.  I was really counting on that hour of sleep to get me through the night.  Well.  Here goes.


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