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FOR THE LOVE OF TEXT. December 18, 2005

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Next up: Anatomy – Biology of Reproduction. 

In a lecture with 64 slides, I have ONE slide of text.  Words.  Not pictures.  NOT SCANNING ELECTRON MICROGRAPHS.  NOT HISTOLOGY.  WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO GET OUT OF THIS?!  I see cells!  Some are different colours!  Some light up!  WHAT IS ALL OF THIS?!  Example:  What does THIS say to you??

Yeah.  Me too.

Add to this the fact that I was at the FEAST while all this nonsense was going on.  I have no CLUE what was emphasized, or what was talked about while this little art production was being presented.  I do have a friend’s notes, but that’s not the same as having actually physically been there.  I’d ask for help, but – oh wait.  Everyone else already TOOK THE EXAM.  On the SABBATH.  It would have helped to have been able to study for this course at all during the semester.  Studying before the exam?  Yeah, that’d be nice.  But unrealistic.

And I’m breaking out.

It’s times like these I like to say, “Wow, I’m seaweeded.”


One Response to “FOR THE LOVE OF TEXT.”

  1. Gary Says:

    To me, it says……

    Ah, I got nothin’.

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