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Uggghhh. January 4, 2006

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Home.  Wonderful home.

Good trip.  Stories later.

It was a long, bad day.  Well, bad punctuated with good.  Basically, I was stupid.

Charlie let me borrow his truck so I could get to the airport for my 6AM flight.  I parked his truck in the lot there and he’ll pick it up when he gets back from Puerto Rico.  The stupid part, though, came in when I didn’t think about having to allow time to park in the satellite parking lot and catch the shuttle back to the airport.  Stupid.  My mom had even told me, “Make sure you leave early so you have time to park.”  I forgot.  Stupid.

I missed my flight.

Long story short, I was able to fly standby back to Dallas.  Slept all the way there (1 1/2 hours), woke up when people started getting off the plane.  I checked the screens for the next flight to Baltimore, and found one that was sooner than the one they’d suggested I try to get on.  It was just a few gates down, so I meandered over and asked if there was room left on the flight.  They were actually doing last-call boarding and said there was room on the flight, and I’d best get on, even though my luggage would be arriving on the next flight.  So I got on the plane, which ended up being the one I was originally scheduled to be on before I missed my connecting flight.  Slept all the way back to Baltimore.  3 1/2 hours.  Got off, checked the baggage claim just to make sure my suitcase didn’t make it on that flight by some miracle.  No luck.  Wait for 2 hours, find suitcase, cell phone dies (I believe due to some sort of battery explosion – I opened up the back and there was what seemed to be battery acid all over, corroding everything – JB, I totally blame you :)), Mom picks me up.

So I’m home, I have all my stuff, and I also have a cold.  THANKS A LOT, CANADIANS.  I feel wretched.  Mom made me turkey soup, apparently heavy on the garlic and onions.  I couldn’t even tell.  Then she made me two big hot toddies.  Aww yeah.

So now I’m working on getting through this box of tissues as quickly as possible.  Bed.


3 Responses to “Uggghhh.”

  1. KiwiGeek Says:

    *gasp* Your mother is fobbing turkey soup onto you rather than the standard chicken?

  2. Infinity Says:

    Hey, we had leftover turkey? 🙂

  3. Kristen Says:

    Hello there, I’m sorry to hear about your sad trip home yet I will commence the hounding for picture posting regardless 🙂
    Please pity the poor girl who is rather tired and melancholy and would like nothing more then to peruse your picture collection 🙂

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