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One down. January 6, 2006

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I submitted my application to McGill tonight.  Finally.  It was a struggle. 

So they have an applicant statement part, right.  And they don’t give you any word limit, so I just go to town.  I say what I need to say, and it ends up being just over one page.  I figure that’s not too bad, as most of the personal statement tips I’ve read have said that personal statements should usually be around a page (one suggested they be 2–3 pages…?).  So anyway, I get everything done for the McGill application, go to submit it and get a BRIGHT RED AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ERROR MESSAGE.  Submission cannot exceed 2000 characters.  2000 CHARACTERS?!  That’s like…300 words!  That’s *nothing!*  I had something like 3800 characters.  And when you’re talking characters, spaces count.  Wow.  So I commence to crop.  To slice.  To dice.  To remove anything and everything that could be considered unnecessary or superfluous.  The paper ends up looking nothing like it originally did.  It still has most of the same elements, but they’re all in different orders and mixed around and slimmed down.  My mom and I work on it for what I’m sure was hours.  1999 characters.  Wow.  I need someone to proofread, because I’ve read it so many times I don’t even know what it says anymore.  So I coerce Ben into it.  Ben makes good suggestions, I change some things, and it’s up to 2001 characters.  Unacceptable.  My mom and I search for one measly character we can remove.  We find a comma.  Out with you!  2000 characters.  Submit.  ERROR.  TOO LONG.  Ahh!  It must have to be *less* than 2000 characters!  We search again, finding another comma.  Out.  1999 characters.  Submit.  YESSSSSSS.

Done and done.

So, now I only have to work on the CIHR scholarship, Ontario-Quebec Exchange Fellowship, Minnesota, Boston, Bastyr and Georgetown.  Yay.


One Response to “One down.”

  1. igaray Says:

    That would be interesting…having you up here at McGill šŸ™‚

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