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Terrorists: High in fiber? January 11, 2006

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Better news for the day:

Don’t ask me why, but the Department of Homeland Security apparently wants to pay for me to go to grad school and study nutrition.  This fellowship pays for FULL tuition and fees, and is able to be renewed for up to 3 years, plus gives you $2300/month.  What do you do for them?  Go to school, do well, do a 10–week internship one summer, and “indicate a willingness to accept, after graduation, competitive employment offers from DHS.”  Nutrition is one of the eligible fields that you can study.  Dude.  What in the world does nutrition have to do with homeland security?  Charlie suggested that maybe terrorists are high in fiber.  I don’t know, but if they want to give me a free ride as well as PAY me, lemme tell you, I am down with that.  FULL tuition?!  I could go anywhere I want!  Including the overpriced private schools I’m applying to but don’t have a possible way to pay for!  Whoohoo!


2 Responses to “Terrorists: High in fiber?”

  1. Kerr Says:

    Government money from the DHS for nutrition, does this surprise anyone? Really?
    Rock on for you though, go for it.

  2. Michael Says:

    Here’s to free school!

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