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"This pillow is battery-powered!" January 14, 2006

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So I know it’s been a couple of weeks since KC and everyone’s already talked about it, but I’m going to talk about it now.  Just quickly.

My mom and I left the F-burg on Friday at 4AM to drive to the Baltimore airport.  We were harrassed by a trucker with only one headlight on the way there.  He kept riding our bumper and beeping like he wanted to pass us, but there were other lanes open and he just didn’t care, or we’d pull over and he still wouldn’t pass.  It was pretty scary.  We got there with plenty of time, and I had no problems getting on the flight.  That’s unusual.  I slept all the way to Dallas, which was beautiful, because that 3 1/2 hour flight always seems to take forever.  When I got there I found out that my flight was delayed by half an hour, so I had to call Charlie and let him know I’d be late.  Then it was 45 minutes.  Then it was an hour.  Then it was an hour and a half.  Charlie had already been making jokes about how I lived in Dallas, and by the end of the whole thing I felt like I really did.  Our flight finally took off, and that’s when we learned that the reason we were late was because on the flight before a guy had had a seizure, and I think they had to make an emergency landing because of it. 

I turned up in KC okay, finally, met up with Charlie, and we were on our way.  The plan was to get some lunch, then go to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art.  We’d planned to make a group outing out of it, but at the last minute everybody bailed.  *coughkarlcough*  (Just kidding, I knew Karl wasn’t going to be able to make it.)  So we ended up going by ourselves.  We headed downtown to the Plaza area at ate at this cool little Irish pub/restaurant place.  We ordered hummus just to be cool and adventuresome.  That was exciting.  By the time we were finished we realized we only had an hour to see stuff at the art museum before the Sabbath, so we headed over there and wandered through the sculpture garden.  The giant shuttlecocks definitely caught me by surprise πŸ™‚  It was nice, though, and from there we headed over to the Ostroms’ where the rest of the Canadians had already arrived.  The east coast crew was there for dinner as well, plus Jon Davis, so we definitely had a house full.  The Ostroms were awesome about putting us up.  All 11 of the Canadians stayed there, plus Jon Davis and Stacey Koons.  Oh, and Melissa πŸ™‚  And the Hilgenbergs’ grandmother at least one night πŸ™‚  There were definitely close to 20 people staying in their house.  Their house has two bathrooms, one of which is attached to the master bedroom, so when the parents went to bed we were out of luck.  I think at least one night it took us close to 3 hours to get everybody through the bathroom.  Everybody was patient, though, and it was awesome just to have everyone together.  The Ostroms were great to let us stay with them πŸ™‚

Bible Study was crazy, as everybody has mentioned.  People everywhere.  Crowds at the front door, attacking everyone who dares enter in.  People cotinued to come in even after the study had started, so I’ll be honest – I really found it hard to concentrate on the message πŸ™‚  I was so excited about seeing everyone, and kept looking around to see who was there, and whom I still needed to attack with lovin’.  Afterwards we went back to the Ostroms’ and stayed up talking the night away with our big ol’ group.

Saturday we woke up to great food prepared by Mrs. Ostrom and Mrs. Hilgenberg.  We ate, managed to get everybody through the showers, and then headed over to church super early in the hopes that we could find seats.  We were there an hour early, and by that time it was already completely packed.  We managed to find a group of 5 chairs together, and that was an accomplishment.  I got coerced into leaving my seat to go into the overflow room, but upon realizing that it was going to be like 10 of us in a teeny classroom, and that I was at KANSAS CITY with 500 people, I couldn’t do it.  It was just depressing to think that everybody else was out there, all together.  So I went back and managed to find a seat between Gina and Desiree.  Both messages were good, and our whole row of kids got stickers from me during announcements as usual πŸ™‚ 

Afterwards we fellowshipped, and Charlie lead a contingent with the purpose of rallying the ranks to go to Chipotle for dinner and get burritos the SIZE OF OUR HEADS!  We went back to the Ostroms’, spent an hour getting our costumes on (that was partly my fault, as it’s really hard to get beads in your hair), then finally left for Chipotle.  Going in our costumes was a beautiful idea.  We had a Dorothy, a lion, a construction worker, a pirate, twins, a nerd, a chief of the Serial Bachelors, a fairy, and an “I’m vain,” among others. 

From there we headed over to the hall for the dance, and along the way managed to lose everyone in our caravan.  Mike’s car got rear-ended, which, you know, is just appropriate considering last year at KC his brakes went out while he was driving.  The dance was okay, but not stellar, as everyone has mentioned.  I personally think that the problem was that the room was so huge, and there wasn’t a defined dancing area.  The chairs were at the edges of the room, and really far from where people were dancing, so it was really easy to just hang out over there and get caught up in conversation or just watch or whatever.  Plus there was more than half of the room where people were just standing around and not being involved in the dance at all.  I think if they’d put chairs completely around the dance area, it would have confined us in and made us all dance and talk to people, instead of just wandering around and not knowing what to do with ourselves.  It was fun, though.  The disco lines were hilarious.  I was really waiting for a minister to come over and tell everyone to stop.  That’s what usually happens πŸ™‚ 

When it finished there were about 7 different plans for what everybody was going to do afterwards.  A huge group of us ended up invading the Wilsons’ house.  They were an older couple with an awesome hacienda of a house.  I don’t think that I ever really met them, but they were really excited about having a bunch of raucous kids in their house at 2 in the morning πŸ™‚  We talked, ate, drank, had a super fast hymn sing courtesy of Karl.  Oh, and Charles, Jon and I girl-talked in the closet.  It guess it might have looked kind of bad when I joined, but really, it was just good conversation πŸ™‚ 

The next day was sports day, so we had basketball, volleyball, football and Frisbee.  I watched basketball and volleyball for a while, then went outside and we started up a Frisbee game.  I didn’t know what we were going to end up doing on that Sunday, so I hadn’t brought any Frisbee-appropriate clothes.  I was definitely not at the top of my game, and I’d like to blame that on trying to run in jeans and loafers πŸ™‚  After a bit of play time we decided to go grab subs at Mr. Goodcents.  We ate, chatted, then went back for more Frisbee.  That’s when Mrs. Wilson came around with a pair of black men’s briefs and asked each person (girls included), “Did you lose your shorts?”  Apparently they’d found them in their lawn that morning πŸ™‚  She was like, “I’m so glad we found them before the neighbours got up!  They would have asked us just what kind of party we’d had!”  After being kicked out of the rec center we had major hug time in the parking lot for like…an hour.  There were again 7 different ideas on what we were going to do afterwards, but apparently Applebee’s was the one that everyone ended up catching on to, because man, we invaded that place.  It started out with 20 of us, and it turned into something like 65.  It was crazy.  LCG kids everywhere!  It was awesome, though, and I’m sure they appreciated the business, if not the craziness that accompanied it. 

The Canadians left that night to head up to Iowa, and a lot of other people left as well.  After the Canadians left, a bunch of us headed over to the Fox and Hound bar/restaurant.  We had our own room area for playing pool and chatting and having drinks.  We didn’t do a whole lot, but it was a really fun time.  I even managed to sink four pool balls in the pockets.  Yesss.  Then from there we went to Richard’s house, where there was more talking, fabulous guitar entertainment by Jonny Scarborough (dude’s awesome – check out his MySpace at, and massages.  I even got to play a little guitar, even though it’s really been over a year since I played for real.  (And Desiree, I like how I totally look like I have no idea what I’m doing in the two pictures you have of me playing πŸ™‚  “Capo, what?”)

Melissa, Kristen, Jon Davis and I went back to the Ostroms’ and slept that night.  Martin had told Kristen he’d pick her up at 10, so at 9 she and the rest of us got up and packed and got ready for the day.  At 12:30 we were still waiting for him to show up.  Thanks a LOT, Martin.  We could have slept so much longer πŸ™‚  That day we were really lazy.  We went to IHOP with a big group, watched a movie at Rachel and Mike’s, then hung out at Lanna’s for the rest of the night.  We played Spoons, modified Spoons (like hiding the spoons in the couch cushions or in people’s shoes), and hide-and-seek-type Blob game.  That was a lot of fun, and I got to spend time with people whom I didn’t really know well.  I stayed there that night, then headed out at 4:30 to drive myself to the airport.

Now, see, my flight left at 6.  It’s a half hour drive from Lanna’s to the airport, and then I would have an hour to get checked in and everything.  Sounds good, right?  No.  Charlie let me drive his truck to the airport, 1) so I could get there, and 2) so his truck would be waiting for him when he got back from Puerto Rico.  I forgot about having to find the parking lot, parking, having to wait for the shuttle, riding the shuttle, and then finally getting to the airport and getting checked in.  Moral of the story is, I missed my flight.  I had to fly standby all the way home.  I was able to catch at 7:30 flight to Dallas, and then once there, found the next flight back to Baltimore (which was leaving RIGHT THEN) and was able to get on it.  It ended up being the same flight I was originally schedule to be on.  But because of my close connections, my baggage didn’t follow me.  I had to wait 2 hours in Baltimore for my baggage to show up.  Oh, and then my cell phone died.  Have I already told this story?  I feel like I have.  Probably.  Anyway, yeah, I missed my flight, it was a horribly stressful day, my parents were freaking out and changing plans and ahhhhh.  I got back okay, though, and that’s all that matters.

NOW I have to go get ready for church!  33 minutes!  AHHH!


2 Responses to “"This pillow is battery-powered!"”

  1. Summer Says:

    If you’re ever in upstate SC, I know this hole-in-the-wall mexican place in Clemson we could go to. The burritos are over a foot long and sooo good.

    I remember last year when the brakes in Mike’s car went out…that was one of the scariest experiences ever. (I wasn’t in his car, but one that he was following and almost sideswiped.)

  2. Kerr Says:

    “…but I’m going to talk about it now. Just quickly.”
    Right. Quickly.

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