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Joining the ranks. January 15, 2006

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Kingston is a running town.  That’s all people do here.  Students, profs, townies.  People run especially around where I live, because there’s a park that you can do a nice loop around, plus we’re close to the lake where there’s another nice path.  Looking out my kitchen window, you see what is basically a stream of runners, all day, every day. 

Today I did Week 1, Workout 1 of the Couch-to-5K running program.  And I DID IT!  I was really concerned I’d wimp out halfway through, but it starts out really simple and basic so that it’s actually do-able.  I also wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do it today because it was like -25C outside (-13F), and there really is a point when being outside becomes dangerous.  -20s aren’t so bad, though, so I decided to just go for it.  After all, this is Canada, and winter ain’t going away any time soon 🙂  So yeah, it went well.  And I even managed to not slip on any snow or ice.  We had a snap freeze after our crazy thaw, so all the snow that melted and became pools of water has now refrozen into sheets of ice.  Thankfully the paths and streets aren’t bad, so it wasn’t too treacherous.  I’m happy with myself, and it seems like the steps between levels of exercise aren’t overwhelmingly steep, so I really want to make sure I complete the program.  Maybe I’ll even become a runner 🙂


4 Responses to “Joining the ranks.”

  1. Prizilla Says:

    I must give you a hearty congrats for this.

    Also, it’s supposed to be getting warmer again next week…say what you want, but the evidence of global warming is right here in Canada.

  2. Banjo Ben Says:

    Hey, that’s great! I’m on week 4 of this same program, and it’s going great. So far, on Monday I feel like I’m gonna die, Wednesday, I make it through the routine fine, and by Friday, it’s pretty easy. 🙂 Then the next week the cycle starts over. Fun stuff. 🙂 Anyway, by next Friday I’m supposed to be doing 2 miles straight. Scary, huh? 🙂

  3. Desiree Says:

    The program works really well (I showed the program to Ben). You’re gonna be such a lean, mean running machine!

  4. Infinity Says:

    Good job, Ben! I’m glad you’ve stuck with it. And thanks, Desiree, for bringing it to the attention of all of us 🙂

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