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Party at my place! January 20, 2006

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We just had another Group potluck at my house.  Dave, Jo and I actually just had one on Saturday as well.  We’re potlucking fiends. 

I love that I finally have some semblance of a social life now.  This is really the first time ever in my university career.  Everybody came over tonight, we waited for Matt for a long time (he got out of track practice late, then had to get groceries at A&P, then had to cook pasta and walk over), then gave up on him and ate without him.  He ended up coming close to 2 hours late, but at least he made it.  That was the first time we’d all been together in one place since…third year.  Aww.  I love our Group.  We ate in courses: Greg’s bruschetta, my taco salad (which was a total hit – apparently they don’t have taco salad in Canada), Jo’s lentil casserole (odd, but good overall), Matt’s pasta, and finally Dave and Julie’s (Dave’s girlfriend, not really a true part of the Group, but a nice addition) cookies.  By the time we were all finished eating it was 10:45 and Matt had to leave again to be on-call on campus for First Aid.  The rest of us ended up wandering over to the QP (Queen’s Pub) afterwards for a drink.  Dave and Greg both got a “gael” of beer – we figure it’s about a liter.  That’s a lot of beer.  I couldn’t lift it without shaking. 

Today has actually been a really, really crazy day.  And I’ve accomplished almost precisely nothing regarding either school work or applications.  Oh well.  It’s been a productive day anyway.  And I found my SAT scores!  Man, my percentiles for both verbal and math were really high.  Math was a lot higher than the percentile for the GRE.  I hope that doesn’t mean I’m regressing.  It probably does.  Quick, somebody fix my brain.  Got formaldehyde?

I have to be up again in 4 hours.  I’m taking the 6:15AM city bus out to Brian and Jenn’s so I can babysit Zachary for the morning again.  Brian’s coming back from San Diego this morning, so he should hopefully be in around 10:30 or so.  Jenn would have picked me up tonight so I could just stay there for the night and be there in the morning, but we’ve been trying to get all of us together for a potluck for so long, and this was the only night that everybody else is free.  I couldn’t pass it up.  Sleep deprivation, we meet again.

This has been a really really crazy day.  I’ve been busy for every minute of the day, and essentially walked for 3 hours.  But!  I did even go running!  YAY for finishing the first week of the program!  Here’s to a successful second week starting on Sunday!  I hope I don’t die 🙂

I think it’s really funny that when I get together with my friends, whether here or at Baylor, we always end up talking about science.  Not like, “What do you think of this theory…?”, but more like, “Oh my, you would NOT believe what happened in lab the other day…”  They’re some good stories.  Like Jo being given her own cadaver for dissection.  Or finding *all* the cadavers in the anatomy museum in stirrups.  Or guillotining rats.  Or being peed on by mice, rats, and hamsters.  All good stories.  Sometimes I like to sit back and try to be completely objective, and laugh at the words we use, and that we all really kind of do know what we’re talking about.  “Why is the pharmacology sports team called the Cameltoes?  Why didn’t you just call yourselves…the beta blockers?”

Oh AND!  We had choral ensemble tonight, and one of the pieces we’re working on is called Let Me Be Like Mary.  It is this AWESOME spiritual.  It totally reminds me of my old chorus director Mr. Relaford.  At first I thought it was about the “Virgin Mary,” and wasn’t sure if I’d be able to sing it in good conscience, but THEN I realized it was actually about Mary of “Mary and Martha” fame.  So it’s all good.  It’s about sitting at the feet of Jesus.  The song is just so much fun to sing.  You really are able to step outside of classical training and use slides and lilts to give the song energy.

Anyway.  Less than 4 hours to go.  Somebody make sure I’m up at 6AM EST, okay? 🙂


8 Responses to “Party at my place!”

  1. Desiree Says:

    Awesome job on finishing the first week of the Couch-5K program! I always felt a little self-conscious running for a minute then walking 90 seconds… over and over and over again… out in the neighborhod. But! The plan works!

  2. Martin Says:

    Mmmmmm…potluck including taco salad, pasta, and cookies? Oh how I long for homemade food 🙂

  3. Infinity Says:

    Yeah, it does make you feel a little self-conscious. My only hope is that people will see me checking my watch regularly, and think I’m like…doing specific training or something 🙂

  4. Gary Says:

    I’ve looked at the program, and it looks like a great system. I want to try and improve endurance, mainly because that’s the first thing to go when I play any sport. I’ve heard a few of you all do it, and perhaps I could consider something like this to help myself out a bit 🙂

  5. Kerr Says:

    A liter? That’s only 2 pints. That’s just a little more than two cans of beer.
    Did you really mean one liter, or am I missing something?

  6. Infinity Says:

    It’s actually 34 ounces, which is just shy of 3 beers. It’s a lot in one place 🙂

  7. Kerr Says:

    So I’m missing something.

  8. Infinity Says:

    A problem with alcoholism, apparently 🙂

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