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Oh artsiness, how I love thee. January 23, 2006

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I have a weekly homework assignment for my world music class.  We have to read the textbook, listen to the listening examples, and then answer three questions that the prof posts on WebCT.  The first two are about the reading and the “affective experience” of the music, and the third is to be a response to another student’s posting.  I can’t believe I’m getting credit for this.

3. Several people have commented on music’s influence on our emotions.  I consider music as “soul food,” as there is nothing which can quite touch my core like music does.  I think this is definitely a variable, personal experience, however, as my mom thinks I am completely wasting my money when I buy music 🙂  Music is powerful, and can express so many things.  I find myself wanting to agree with the message of a song simply so I can enjoy the experience of it.  In that way musicians harness a power, whether realized or not, to influence the masses. 


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