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Memory of the Moment. January 24, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 5:28 am

This one has made me laugh out loud several times in the past couple of days.

So, after Charlie picked me up at the KC airport, we went out to eat at a cool Irish pub/restaurant.  We ate, finishing it all up with a shared piece blueberry cheesecake (we weren’t that hungry, but it looked too tempting to turn down).  Neither of us would take the last bite, so it ended up untouched on the plate when the waitress came back with the bill.  Charlie pulled out his wallet to get his ID out and hand it to the cashier, and as he did, he managed to fling the card Frisbee-style right out of his wallet and into the cheesecake.  And blueberry sauce.

I’m still laughing 🙂


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