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For the love of romance languages. January 25, 2006

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We’re doing a couple of Rachmaninoff pieces in choral ensemble.  For one, I didn’t know Rachmaninoff did choral music.  For two, they’re in Russian.  Give me Latin, give me Spanish, French, Italian.  But please don’t give me Russian.  I have no idea how to pronounce anything.  Cursed consonants!  It was quite a contrast – last night we reviewed a Spanish piece that they’d learned last semester.  I only joined this semester, so I didn’t know it, but the Spanish didn’t give me any trouble.  I just sight-read my way through both the music and the text, and it was fine.  But then we did the Rachmaninoff piece.  And despite going through the pronunciation once and practicing the piece as a whole several times since then, I still didn’t have a clue what I was supposed to be saying. 

“Izhe kheruvimi, tayno obrazuyushche, i zhivotvoryashchey Troytse trisvyatuyu pyesn’ pripyevayushche!”


3 Responses to “For the love of romance languages.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Awesome! I love Russian! It’s so fun.

    (No. I don’t really know it. But I still love the way it sounds & think it’s fun.)


  2. flyinryan Says:

    You said, “Excuse me, but I believe I am about to cough a furball” What kind of song is that??

    … 🙂

  3. Gary Scott Says:

    As difficult as Russian might seem, Polish is much more difficult. The grammar is more complicated, and though you’ll find it difficult to believe, there are even more consonant clusters.

    Just look at the Polish word for beetle: chrzaszcz.

    Enough said, huh? 🙂

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