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I LOVE ASHTANGA. January 26, 2006

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If you *ever* have a chance to take a good ashtanga yoga class, DO IT. 

Up until this point in yoga we’ve been jumping around each week through different types of yoga.  In the last two weeks, though, we’ve been focusing on ashtanga and actually stoping to learn how to do stuff instead of just glossing over it.  It’s been awesome. 

Besides shoulder stands, which we started learning last semester, we’ve also been working on: jumping through from downward dog to standing forward bend, and back from standing forward bend to plank; bridge pose by working with a partner to pull you up; working with a partner to hold your leg out straight at 90 degrees (or higher) to your body, then to the side; lowering down to the floor properly from plank.  My triceps hate me đŸ™‚  Seriously, I’m not sore from running.  I’m sore like CRAZY from yoga.

I don’t really know people in the class, so for the partner stuff I ended up working with Andre, this guy whom I noticed in the first class actually knew what he was doing.  It was fun – we had some good conversations while we were working the seaweed out of our muscles.  It was kind of weird working with a boy because we had to grab legs and ankles and straddle each other and stuff, but it was good.  Bridge was craaaaazy.  Bridge has always been the bane of my existence because I have a really weak back, but it was awesome to have someone lift you up so you can actually do it properly. 

So anyway, I’m taking the bus to Barrie tomorrow and staying with Alison and David for the weekend.  Toronto is having a social on the Sabbath, so I’ll be able to see all the Canadians again.  YAY Canadians!


3 Responses to “I LOVE ASHTANGA.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    Yikes! Sounds pretty kinky!

  2. Kerr Says:

    “I ended up working with Andre, this guy whom I noticed in the first class[.]”

  3. KiwiGeek Says:

    Kerr; you’re way too cool.
    It’s a trait we Joshs share.

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