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We’re going to move on. February 3, 2006

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I feel like I haven’t posted a proper blog in forever, but I guess it’s only been about a week.  Here’s a quick summary of what’s been going on:

-spent the weekend in Barrie, visited A&D
-talent show in Toronto, I got coerced into singing “All I Have To Do Is Dream” with GG and parents
-hanging out with the Canadians afterwards, drinking hot chocolate at Boston Pizza
-working on grad school applications (STILL) this week, got the FAFSA in, three more applications to go (they’re mostly finished, but I still have to write the essays, which take me forEVAR)
-still doing the Couch-to-5K, I’ll be finished the third week tomorrow.  And I’ve actually been doing more than required!  I did it by accident the first time, but figured if I could do it I might as well stick with it).  I haven’t really been at the “ohmyimgoingtodie” stage, but I definitely have been pushed to my limits.  Sheer willpower, I tell you.  That, and counting down the seconds.
-new crazy plans: I’m going home in two weeks.  Reading week is coming up, plus I’m going to skip my one class on Thursday, then no class on Friday, so it’ll be an extra long break.  Bus to TO airport, then fly back, sit in the airport for 6 hours until parents show up, then drive to other airport to pick up the CRT.  Charlie’s coming in for the weekend to hang out and tour around DC (it was on his 43places, and seemed like way too do-able a goal to not DO :))  We got our tickets last night.  Should be a good time.
-oh yeah, and I have rodents in my walls again.  As usual.  They’re chirping.  Squirrels, maybe?


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