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Whoohoo! February 7, 2006

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Today I again braved the elements.

I decided not to run yesterday because the wind was ridiculously strong and I could barely make it through the park while walking.  So I went today instead.  The one day in the last 3 months that we’ve actually had a snowstorm.  Ohh yeah.  Week 4 involves [almost] real running, so I again was concerned I’d drop out.  But it went really well!  I didn’t even feel like I was going to die at any point.  That was really encouraging.  I was all grins afterwards.  I realize it’s still not *real* running quite yet, but I can definitely see that I’ve made improvement over the last 3 weeks.  So yay!  It really was blustery, though.  It wasn’t bright outside at all, but I wore sunglasses just to keep the wind and snow out of my eyes.  I also made the wise decision of staying away from the lake.  I normally run around the lake (Ontario), but when it’s really stormy the wind whips off the water like no other.  I tested it out just a bit towards the end of the run, and basically made no headway at all.  I was pretty much staying in one spot even though my body was moving.  I turned around right quick 🙂  Oh oh, and I actually got to the point where my muscles were aching instead of just feeling pain from my screaming lungs.  So that’s encouraging!

We started Celtic music in World Musics tonight.  I’m a big fan.  It’s much more exciting stuff than Native American music, as almost-cool as that was.  Celtic music is just so happy and danceable.  It makes me either want to get up and dance or join in on the singing and cheer and raise my pint.  I’m Irish, you know?  It’s in the blood.  I’d love to go to Ireland someday.  My mom’s rich brother took their whole family (8 kids plus Nana) to Ireland a couple of years ago to learn about where both sides of their family had come from.  It sounded like a pretty amazing trip.  But anyway, the amazing feeling of community and joyfulness that exudes from Celtic music makes me want to learn Celtic dances.  Who wants to be my dance partner? 🙂

My goal is to have ALLLL my application stuff done by Thursday at the latest.  The end is in sight!  Then…wow, only a week and a half until I’m out of here for VA and my DC excursion with Charlie.  YAY!!!  Crazy business!


One Response to “Whoohoo!”

  1. Kerr Says:

    Dang diggity, Celtic music is where it’s at. I’d love to hear some real, live celtic music with some beer and…some beer, I guess.

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