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I GOT INTO MCGILL!!! February 10, 2006

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I got the letter in the mail today.  I was afraid to open it.  I prayed that I would have faith and trust in God that, no matter what the outcome was, I wouldn’t second-guess it but would know it was for the best.  I opened it.  And screamed.  I GOT IN!!!

McGill is an awesome school.  It’s consistently ranked among the top three Canadian universities every year (along with Queen’s, yay :)).  They have a great clinical nutrition program; it’s the shortest program of all of the ones I’ve applied to; AND it’s the cheapest school.  They didn’t offer me any funding, but I still have the opportunity to apply for TA positions, so one of those might come through.  Also, I applied for an outside scholarship which, if I got it, would pay for all of my tuition and then some.  So…we shall see.  I’m still going to wait to see if I get into any of the other schools, and if they offer me money, or if Homeland Security decides to be my best friend.  But at least now I know I have options.

I was going to start applying for jobs just in case I didn’t get in anywhere (that would be horrible), but now I don’t have to do that!  NO MORE APPLICATIONS!  I actually just got my Georgetown application submitted today, so I am (we are!) FINISHED, BABY!  I could potentially be in a bit of a spot if McGill needs to know my response and I still haven’t heard back from the other schools since I submitted them way after McGill…but we’ll see how it goes. 

Thanks to EVERYONE who’s helped me so much through this cursed application process!  Your proofreading and positive criticism have been so helpful.  Thanks to:
-Brian, for completely revamping the first draft of my personal statement, helping me with my research proposal, guiding me on how to write an effective resume
-Kiwi, official proofreader (except when he galavants off to strange continents)
-Ducky, who officially dubbed me as, “Great Travel Brochure-Writing Woman”
-BanjoBen, reader of personal statements and other such nonsense
-The Karl, official daytime proofreader because he’s the only person online in the middle of the day 😉
-CRT, official designer of beautiful, “very professional!” resumes (who then stole my design idea and used it for himself – HA!)
-Martin, for checking my US history references to make sure I at least *sounded* like I knew what I was talking about 🙂
-JB, for teaching me grammar
-mis Padres, for paying for me to live and go to school 🙂


3 Responses to “I GOT INTO MCGILL!!!”

  1. flyinryan Says:

    admit it, the Rutherford tidbit made that decision for you…
    Congrats on your acceptance and have a relaxing Sabbath!
    E and R

  2. ducky Says:

    Awesome, congratulations! 🙂

  3. Gary Says:

    Woohoo! Go, Annette!

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