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Slacking. February 24, 2006

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So now it’s clear to everyone that I don’t blog when I have ample time on my hands and I’m not stressed.  Ehh.  Such is life.  So, here goes the massive week-in-summary blog that you’re all due.  (FYI – I’m currently in Dulles airport in DC.  And feeling like I might throw up.  Igh.)

So, Thursday I got up at 5AM and got a taxi to the bus station, then the bus to the Toronto airport.  I was in Toronto pretty early because there are only a couple buses out there per day, but I ended up waiting even longer because my flight was delayed.  (Are you getting the point that something always goes wrong every time I travel?  My flight right now is also delayed…)  It ended up working out well, though –  I was going to have to wait in DC until my mom could leave work to pick me up, but because I was late and she was early we ended up getting into Dulles at the same time.  Convenient.  We ended up still having like 6 hours to kill before Charlie came into Baltimore so we went to the mall, ate dinner, wandered around and spent a grand total of $1.50.  $1 for chapstick (I’d left mine in the car and was dying of chapped lips), and $0.50 on a cool bracelet from Claire’s which was on super super sale.  We walked the mall until it closed, then drove over to BWI and sat in the parking lot to wait until Charlie’s flight got in.  Eventually it did and we found each other, despite my waiting at the wrong part of the baggage claim area for him, and his walking past me and outside.  Yay, he’s here, finally.  We didn’t get back home until like 1AM, didn’t get in bed until 1:30, so at this point I was completely exhausted.  Good thing I was able to go to bed…for 5 hours.

Friday we got up early and Mom drove us down to the train station so we could pick up the VRE commuter train up to DC.  I think we were both already pretty worn out, and the day was just beginning!  Once in DC we hit the White House, Washington Monument, WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korea Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, National Museum of American History, Old Post Office, Sculpture Garden, National Archives, Air and Space Museum, Capitol Building, Annette’s-Favourite-Romantic-Alcove-Place, and finally Union Station.  All in all, a crazy, whirlwind tour but a great day.  Charlie met with nearly crushing disappointment upon learning that the solar car he’d wanted so badly to see had been removed from the American History museum years ago.  Things got better, though, when he got to touch the *moon rock* (oooh, ahhh…) at the Air and Space museum.  (Sidenote: THAT WAS SO WEIRD.  I’m sitting here waiting for my flight to board, right, and another flight is deplaning in front of me.  I’m happily tiptapping away, when out of the plane walks MY UNCLE.  MY UNCLE TOMMY FROM NEW JERSEY.  What in the world!  So I ran over and said hi, and evidently he’s on the way home from a funeral.  He had another flight to catch so he had to run off.  But HOW WEIRD IS THAT!?!)  So, we got the VRE back to Fredericksburg, where we discovered that you can flip the seats to face whatever direction you want.  This was great, because we were able to flip the seat in front of us to face us and then put our tired, aching feet up on the seat.  Ah, beautiful.  We had dinner with the folks that night, chatted about churchy stuff, and eventually I told my parents the RCG story.  I purposely hadn’t told them because I didn’t want to cause more strife in the family, but I figured the whole blog ordeal had become so big that it was just a matter of time before some random person mentioned it to them in passing at church.  They took it well (they basically laughed it off).

Up early and rushing out the door once again to get to church in Baltimore.  We had church, lunch, Bible study, dinner, then the men had club and Mom, Charlie and I once again headed off to the same mall as Thursday to walk around and waste some time.  Eventually: home, Red Green, beer, chatting and bed.

Up early and driving to DC with the folks.  Mom and Dad went their separate ways from Charlie and me, so we hit the American History museum again (since we’d basically only looked unsuccessfully for the solar car the last time we were there), the National Museum of Natural History (we saw giraffes and dinosaurs and fossils and pretty rocks!), the Hirshhorn Sculpture Museum and its Sculpture Garden, and then it was time to leave.  We drove back to the mall (again, the same one), had dinner, and finally took Charlie to BWI.  Sadness.

(In case anyone missed that, I was in DC and Baltimore on Thursday, DC on Friday, Baltimore on Saturday, and DC and Baltimore on Sunday.  Oooh yeah.)

I got up at noon, then drove down to Hampton (a good hour and 45 minute drive) to meet up with Chad.  From his house we drove down to Norfolk to his favourite little pizza joint, where we shared a pizza and a pitcher of Newcastle beer.  Mmm.  I…ate 5 pieces of pizza, he ate 3.  He was stuffed, and unbelievingly impressed that I’d managed to eat 5 pieces.  He gave me brownie points for that 😉  From there we went to the coolest little hippie coffee shop in Norfolk and talked some more.  Drove back to his house, sat around, then I drove home.

Got up at noon again, then headed out to do some window washing with my mom.  She cleans the apartment of her manager at H&R Block, but he’s having a house built and needed the windows cleaned because of all the construction gunk.  We did that for a couple of hours, then had a nice dinner and watched National Treasure.  Fun, cute movie.

Got up at noon and went out shopping for running stuff.  I invested in a pair of Asics running shoes and a warm sweat-wicking hat for running in the winter.  I didn’t find any good running tights, so I’ll have to keep looking.  That afternoon I was still feeling pretty lazy, but when I discovered that we were going to have to leave for Bible study in Winchester in like an HOUR, I got on the ball and made myself go for a run.  It was almost a solid week since I’d last run, but I still wasn’t experiencing that “oh I’m so lazy, I need to do something” feeling that people talk about.  I don’t get it.  So we drove up to Winchester, had Bible study with the folks up there, drove home, and whadyaknow, it’s time to go to bed.

So, now I’m at Dulles waiting to fly to Toronto.  And I saw my uncle.  (Did I mention that he’s my rich uncle who just recently retired from being VP of somethin’-er-other at Solomon Smith Barney?)  My flight got delayed again so now they’re hoping to leave at 2 instead of 12:30.  I hope David’s okay with picking me up a couple of hours late… 😐  Poor David.  And I just let this ornery old black woman use my cell phone to call her people to let them know she’d be late.  Thrice.  In Canada.  On my US cell phone.  I think that pretty well covers my three good deeds of the day.

Well, those are my stories.  Unfortunately they’ll have to wait until I get to Barrie to be posted.  (What is UP with that?  The Singapore airport has free wireless, but the airport in the capital of the UNITED STATES does not??)  I’m staying with Alison and David in Barrie this weekend, then going to the Ontario Science Museum in Toronto on Sunday to see the Body Worlds exhibit.  Fun times!  Provided I’m able to get out of DC…

(**Note to self: Never travel without carrying movies.  Stupid.)


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