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From one thing to the next. March 23, 2006

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So on Monday I finished up my music paper and got that turned in.  It was way too long.  I had to cut out like 5 pages of text.  It was really interesting, though.  I’ll post it up here once I get a breather from all my projects.

As soon as that was finished I had to boogie to get onto researching for my embryology seminar.  I’m presenting a 10–minute seminar tomorrow morning (8:30, ack) on smoking and pregnancy.  The research for this has been really interesting, too.  But I’m still not really sure what I’m going to talk about tomorrow, because there’s so much I could talk about.  I only have 5 slides so far, so I have a good bit to go.  That’s okay, though, because I’ve really only done a general overview.  Now I can start getting into some journal articles and results and fun stuff like that.  Whoohoo.  But I think it’s going to be a long night.  And Desiree, I totally second your motion of feeling old.  I can’t stay up all night and be fully functional the next day anymore.  ‘Tis a sad day indeed.

You may remember after the Feast I mentioned that I’d been given the “Genius” magnetic poetry set.  It’s a gazillion huge GRE words that you move around on your fridge and use to make very intelligent-sounding sentences.  One day I noticed that Christina had been working at it.  She’d combined random words as well as stacked words on top of other words so that new words were created.  What’d she write?  “Fill me up with a beer.”  Niiice.  Nicely done, roomie.

Back to PowerPointing.  Be good, kids.  Don’t smoke.  Your gametes thank you.


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