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That.was.awesome. March 31, 2006

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My mom told me to splurge tonight and order in for dinner.  You don’t understand…I *never* go out or order in for dinner.  Like, maybe once a year, or once a semester at the most.  This is quite the treat indeed.  So I’m looking for restaurants in Kingston that deliver, because I’ve got studying to do and don’t want to go galavanting all over Kingston looking for food.  The only delivery places are for pizza, and the girls were nice enough to get me pizza and a movie last night, so pizza was out.  Plus I was looking for something a little bit more classy (and healthy).  So after searching on the Internet for far too long and looking through the phone book and generally getting irritated with the time I was wasting, I realized that the take-out branch of one of our Greek restaurants downtown delivers.  Sweet.  So I order dolmadakias, a large Greek salad, and a whole roasted chicken.  And it came with nice rolls.  Plus the red wine I had here already.  Ooooohhhhhhhhhh… I can’t describe how good that was.  And I still have enough left over to feed a 3–person army.  I think that was the best take-out dinner I’ve ever had.  I have got to learn how to cook Greek.  I’ve probably got the most killer onion and garlic breath ever, but it was sooooooo worth it.


One Response to “That.was.awesome.”

  1. Kerr Says:

    …and hotter.

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