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Transition. April 1, 2006

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It was warm today.  Like…11C (52F).  I think if I were in Virginia right now, 52F would be cold, and I would be complaining.  But here, it was summer.  People were in shorts and tanktops.  That’s what I love about Canadians.  As soon as there was any semblance of warmth (like 3C – 37F), the Canadians started busting out their shorts.  That’s awesome.  Texans, when was the last time you wore shorts when it was 37F? 🙂  Seriously, though, it seemed *so* warm.  I walked to campus yesterday to get a transcript, and had my coat on because I didn’t know how warm it was before I left.  I got HOT!  I haven’t experienced being hot since…September?  It’s a beautiful feeling.  But then today I went for a run, and didn’t know how many layers to wear because I’ve never run in warm weather before.  I decided on tights, t-shirt and long-sleeved T.  Wow, I was so overdressed.  It was definitely a shorts and tanktop day.  I took my long-sleeved T off about 7 minutes in, and was seriously regretting the tights by 18.  I eventually unzipped them (THE ANKLES), but man, I was still so hot.  I didn’t realize how much heat they kept in.  I can tell already that running in warm weather is going to be a completely different experience from running in the bitter cold.  It’ll take some getting used to.  So I’m totally wearing shorts right now 🙂  I don’t think you Southern-climate people can understand how exciting this is.  Six months of winter makes you love your summer clothes 🙂

Anyway, I ran intervals today.  After hearing how I was *trying* to work on my speed, Coach Bryce gave me some tips on how to become faster, and suggested I run intervals (alternating between slow and faster speeds).  So I did that, and it hurt, like he said it would, but I did it for the whole 5K.  I really don’t know how to guage my speed, so I was basically just guessing, but I think it worked out overall.  My left knee has been acting up a little bit lately.  I don’t know what I’ve been doing recently that might make it hurt, versus everything I’ve been doing for the last couple of months.  Hmm.

This week I’ve got an exam on Tuesday and a paper due on Friday, then another paper due on Monday.  I’ve got to get on the ball.  I just have not been able to stay awake recently.  I don’t know what my problem is.  Last night I probably got 8 hours of sleep, and I was still falling asleep while I was trying to study this afternoon.  I ended up giving up and taking a nap, then waking up at 5:30PM and starting to freak out because I thought I’d slept through all of Friday.

Oh yeah, and I got into Georgetown today 🙂  This is really exciting for me a) because Georgetown is a great school, and b) because Georgetown is where I’d planned to go for several years.  I’ve since changed my focus from CAM to nutrition, but I still wanted to apply just to see if I could get in.  It was a $70 experiment, but I just had to know 🙂  If you’ll recall, the reason I was freaking out about my GRE scores in the summer (even though they were good) was because they weren’t high enough for Georgetown.  And Georgetown was really the only place I wanted to go at that point, so my GRE scores were problematic.  So I re-took the GRE, scored higher, and was fine.  And got in, yay 🙂  So I’ve been accepted to all 5 schools that I applied to.  That’s pretty cool.  Right now I’m leaning towards Minnesota, as there’s the potential for me to receive a TA position there, and plus it has a cool nutrition program, cool nutrition/CAM research, CAM minor, AND I can do an RD there on top of my Master’s.  The TA position would only pay half of first year, but I figure if I can get a TA position in first year, it’s pretty likely that I’ll be able to get a TA position in second year.  Hopefully.  I think it’s my best bet, anyway.  And I’m still praying for Homeland Security 🙂  So that’s my deal.  Things have fallen apart this week, but they’ve also been built back up towards a potential conclusion.  At this point I’d just really like to know where I’m going.

Anyway, be good, kids.  Have an enjoyable and restful Sabbath.


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