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400 grams of Melba Toast. April 9, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 2:04 am

So, I bought a big box of Melba Toast for Unleavened Bread.  I was pretty sure I’d remembered Gina eating it during Unleavened Bread, and read the ingredients when I got it to make sure there wasn’t any leavening in it.  Today at church we were talking about UB and the different things you can buy to replace breads.  I mentioned Melba Toast and Jenn was like, “Doesn’t that have leavening in it?”  I said I was pretty sure it didn’t, but I’d check again.  After talking a bit more she reconsidered and thought that some types might have leavening while others didn’t.  So I checked tonight.  Whole wheat flour, wheat flour………yeast. 

Aggh.  Help.  Melba Toast party, anyone?


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