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International Frank Transportation Service. April 17, 2006

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It’s the beginning of the end.  I’ve started to move out.

Since I’m flying back to Virginia I can only take two suitcases of stuff (clothes) with me.  I lose my apartment on May 1, so I’ve got to put the rest of my stuff somewhere.  I’ve somehow coerced Alison and David into letting me store my junk in their monstrous basement.  Thankfully they have a monstrous basement.  They live in Barrie, 4 hours away, though, and I don’t have a car, so I can’t exactly just be like, “Okay, I’m bringing some boxes over!  See you in a few!”  The Gosses also live in Barrie, and they were here today, so they got sucked into joining the ranks of the International Frank Transportation Service.  The IFTS has many members, and no one is exempted from being a potential member.  A couple of my friends from high school came up here to visit me back in first year, and they got sucked into it.  Mom sent them up with Ramen Noodles and other such necessities.  The Bowmans have transported my stuff on the way back from the Feast; Pookey brought some of my stuff from my parents at L4T to Alison and David; the Westons brought my stuff back from camp a couple of years (including my yoga mat which Mr. Weston thought was a camping sleeping roll); Gina’s brought my stuff to and from camp several years; the Bests brought me a quilt my mom made back from the conference in Charlotte.  As you can see, it’s quite an intricate network.  And we’re not afraid to ask.  You could be next.

So anyway, today Brian and I loaded up the Gosses’ car with my stuff and they delivered it safely to Alison and David this afternoon.  Over the past week I’ve been thoroughly cleaning, sorting, and packing my apartment.  I think I can say with confidence that my apartment has never been this clean.  Or such a mess.  It’s an organized mess, though.  I have an Alison and David pile, a Goodwill pile, a Brian and Jenn pile, a Michelle C. pile (she gets all my discarded clothes, lucky girl), and an “I don’t know what to do with this stuff” pile. 

We have a big crawlspace area off of Jen’s room where we can store our junk.  And I have.  Oh, I have.  (And so has Alison.  ALISON, YOUR STUFF IS STILL IN MY APARTMENT!  IT’S BEEN FOUR YEARS!  TAKE IT HOME!!!)  As of this morning, the whole place was filled with my stuff.  I’d just kind of toss stuff in there whenever I wanted it out of my room.  So today I did some major purging.

Four years of work.  Crazy.  I kept anatomy, stats, orgo, biochem, and my fourth year courses.  But, otherwise…it’s a good thing we recycle paper here.
OH OH!  And I found all my stuff from Orientation Week.  My TAM!  And my orientation shirts and my coveralls stained with peat moss.  Ahh, the memories.

Queen’s is a Scottish school, so everybody gets a tam during Orientation Week.  And the Queen’s Bands wear plaid and we have highland dancers and stuff.  And the pom-pom is a different colour depending on what faculty you’re in.  Red for ArtSci, whoohoo!


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