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I HATE BELL. April 20, 2006

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I’m trying to change the addresses for all the mail I get here.  All the mail I’ve gotten here for the last four years.

And I could write a better website than  In fact, I should.  It DOESN’T WORK.  What good is a website that doesn’t work!?  It’s the most un-user-friendly thing I’ve ever seen.  I had e-bill, and eventually regressed to paper bills because I couldn’t understand the stupid layout of the stupid e-bill web application.  And now that I’m moving but don’t know where or how long I need to keep my Canadian phone (because I don’t know when I’ll hear back from important places, like Homeland Security), I want to switch back to e-bill.  But THE STUPID PAGE WON’T LOAD.  WHY WON’T YOU LOAD?!  Agggghhhhhh stupid monopolistic Bell Canada.

So, while I wait in hope for the page to load, I blog.

It’s not loading.

A quick update: Minnesota officially offered me a TA position!  Whoohoo!  That means, worst case scenario, …AH!

Dear customers,

Please be advised that due to technical difficulties, we are temporarily suspending access to eCare.

We apologize for this inconvenience and assure you that we are committed to restoring access to eCare as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your understanding.  


Basically, I’ve decided I want to do a Registered Dietician degree as well as  Master’s in Nutrition.  To do that Boston would be best, because the program I got accepted to is a joint MS/RD program that takes 3 years.  Minnesota has the stuff you need to get an RD, but it’s not all laid out for you pretty like it is at Boston, so I think I’d kind of have to create the program for myself.  And there’s no telling how long it would take, because they say Master’s there take their students an average of 2.5 years (which seems like a long time for a Master’s…?) and an RD on top of that could be another 1–1.5 years.  So….I’d rather do Boston and not have to worry about cramming courses all on top of each other and making sure I get into the courses in the right semesters and all of that.  BUT.  Basically, the only way I’ll go to Boston is if I get Homeland Security.  Boston gave me a $15K/year scholarship, and are saying it’s pretty likely I’ll get a TA position which is worth another $2–4K, but even with both of those the price is only brought down to $13K/year at the LEAST.  Plus living expenses which are really pricey in Boston.  So.  But…Boston’s deadline for accepting and sending them $200 was today, so…I sent them $200 yesterday.  I hope it’s not all for naught.  Come on Homeland Security!

I feel like I’ve talked about this thing so much, I’d better get it.  If nothing else, I’ve been very active marketing for their Graduate Fellowship program 🙂


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