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*sniff* June 9, 2006

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Today marks the passing of three friends: Blueweed, Tumbleweed, and Ragweed. 

These three served faithfully as fish, tirelessly swimming and providing a pretty decoration for my room.  They were hardy.  They survived dirty tanks, feedings of raisins and bread at the hand of Zachary, and – against the odds – triumphed over a 570–mile trek from Kingston, Ontario to Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Blueweed was especially strong, surviving for 3 long years, and measuring in at a full 7 inches at his passing.  Ben, I’m sorry.  The twin brothers Tumbleweed and Ragweed were also on their way up, growing and developing over the past year.

They were hardy.  They were strong.  But one tank cleaning in Virginia did them in.  I am very thankful to Charlie who supported me through my time of grief and performed a eulogy for them tonight.  And then down the toilet they went.

Blueweed, Tumbleweed, Ragweed – boys, you will be missed.


3 Responses to “*sniff*”

  1. Karl Says:

    Please tell me that by this you mean that bluegrass has passed away.

  2. flyinryan Says:

    our sincerest sympathies. May we send you a coupon for fish sandwiches, in lieu of flowers??

    (that may seem too callous) 😉

  3. Banjo Ben Says:

    Karl, you’re an evil, evil man.

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