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I GOT IPOD SOCKS! June 16, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 6:02 am

That’s right, kids.  iPod socks.  Except there’s definitely no way I’m paying $30 for six socks (three pairs, by my reckoning), so I got the Walmart knock-offs for $5 🙂  But dude, they totally look exactly the same.  Minus the little Apple.  Which, really, is a bit disappointing, because I like the Apple.  Oh well.  Now I can match my outfit to my six colours of iPod socks!  (Oh, that was totally a Desiree moment.)

Sidenote: I failed my first Guelph nutrition assignment.  Yessss.  Apparently they didn’t want to hear about nutrition for marathon runners.  I got 14/15 on my Queen’s assignment, though?  Man.  STOOPID GUELPH.


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