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~It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play… June 27, 2006

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So today for the first time in a long time I ran a full 5K.  At least, a 5K at a normal pace.  5K’s not that big of a deal when you’re running at a turtle’s pace.  I got myself a nifty armband for my iPod, so today I was able to run with it for the first time.  I think it really helped to keep me going, especially towards the end.  Charlie made me a crazy running GO GO GO mix, complete with Rocky theme songs.  It was awesome.  I felt like I was Rocky.  I’m serious, I was laughing at myself as I was running down the road.  So yeah, I’ve finally gotten acclimated and worked my endurance back up to where I was in April.  Just in time to start travelling and get all messed up again.  Yesss.

In other news, I’m eating myself out of house and home.  When I run, my metabolism gets sped up so much that I end up having to eat every two hours.  And it’s not just a, “Hmm, I’m kind of hungry,” it’s a, “OH MY EAT SOMETHING NOW BEFORE YOUR STOMACH DIGESTS YOUR SPINE!”  So yeah.  Hopefully my budget can handle my new-found Speedy Gonzalez metabolism.



2 Responses to “~It’s more than a feeling, when I hear that old song they used to play…”

  1. Benjammin Says:

    The fact that you just referenced to Boston…just made you the coolest ever!!!

  2. Kerr Says:

    I eat every couple minutes, and I don’t do anything active. That’s why I’m fat.

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