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~It was only $15 grand spent in bed. June 29, 2006

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Yay Ben Folds!

Good, great show.  I made it through DC traffic to pick up Martin, we stopped and started our way around the city and up to Maryland to Merriweather, and ended up getting there an hour and a half early. 

We ate dinner in the car, then headed in to get awesome lawn seats.  We hung out on the lawn until about 5 minutes before the show was going to start.  We were talking when we saw EVERYONE in the lawn get up and start SPRINTING down the grass.  We were like, What in the world??  Then we realized.  The show hadn’t sold out, so they’d opened up the extra seats to the lawn people.  I think they wanted us to stay behind a certain row (like halfway back), but we just kept walking forward.  There were about 10 rows of floor seats ($75) and then the regular ($55) seats.  We ended up finding seats in about the 6th row of the $55 seats.  We were like (okay, *I* was like), AHHH!  I CAN’T BELIEVE WE’RE THIS CLOSE!  Then Ben came out, and all screaming broke loose.  We were there until about half way through the second song when people came and told us that we were in their seats.  We got up and looked for different seats, and spotted two in the THIRD row of the $55 seats!  Dude, that’s so awesome.  When Ken, Sabrina and I saw him last year we bought regular seats as well, but we were definitely not that close.  I’d been considering buying the $55 seats just so we could have a real seat, not have to worry about getting there super early, and not get rained on.  But now I’m so glad we didn’t, because we ended up with better seats than if we had actually paid for them.

So yeah, good show.  His playing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra made for a different experience.  On a few songs the orchestra arrangement was really cool and added a lot.  But on most of them it was hard to hear the other instruments because the piano was so loud.  In an interview with a percussionist from the BSO, the dude was like, “So, combining an orchestra with rock is kind of a strange mix.”  Ben was like, “Yeah, I’m starting to embrace the caucasian groove.”  OOH yeah, FYI, Ben Folds people – he said he’s coming out with an orchestral CD in the fall!  He talked about his vacation to the caribbean (with William Shatner) and how he did the “typical rock guy discovers yoga.”  He was like, “It’s bad, because when you get back to work you’re like ten times as freaked out.”  It was kind of surprising, though.  Ben Folds went solo from Ben Folds Five, but in the entire show last night I think he only played 5 of his solo songs, and none were from his newer album or EPs.  Strange.  Oh yeah, and last year at the show during a lull Sabrina and I screamed, “I LOVE YOU BEN!” and the crowd went wild.  This year, one girl screamed it, and Ben looked kind of taken aback and then was like, “Well I love you, too.”  Aww 🙂


4 Responses to “~It was only $15 grand spent in bed.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    So, maybe I’m a little jealous.

    Thanks for the review, though. Now I feel like MAYBE I could have been there but was just really drunk. That’s about everything I would remember in that case. :0

    KIDDING! I don’t do that sort of thing!


  2. Infinity Says:

    Suuuuure, Crystal. We all know you and your wino ways 😉 (I have a picture of you with purple teeth to prove it!)

  3. Kerr Says:

    I seem to recall a picture of you, Annette, with a few bottles…

  4. Infinity Says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhh the blackmail! You know that picture was staged, Kerr! You know it!

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