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Quotes of the Week. July 3, 2006

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Me: You pick up clients wherever you go!  …You don’t pick up chicks, you pick up clients.
Quotee: Assets, Annette, not liabilities.

Me: Yet another reason why it sucks to be a girl.
Quotee: I can’t even imagine. First I’d get up and cry, spend forever in the bathroom, shower, make breakfast, wait for my hair to dry, go to work, be sexually harassed,  get charged too much for stuff, go home, cry, cook dinner, have cramps, sleep.



3 Responses to “Quotes of the Week.”

  1. KiwiGeek Says:

    Yeah, but think what it’s like to be a guy… Wake up. Scratch. Make token attempt at personal hygiene. Eat cereal that’s in your cupboard that you can’t imagine you ever actually wanted to eat, let alone buy. Drive to work whilst avoiding the women putting on their lipstick and talking on cellphones. Do a good honest days work, but don’t get the benefits of being hit on because of a short skirt and tight top. Drive home (see above, only this time removing lipstick). Be asked to open jars and get things out of tall cupboards all evening. Drink beer. Repeat ad nausium.

  2. Jeff Says:


  3. Kerr Says:

    You forgot about getting nagged.

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