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~Another one bites the dust. July 4, 2006

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HEY!  I’m gonna get you, too!  Another one bites the dust…

I just finished my Guelph nutrition course!  WHOOOHOO!  That cursed thing has been a thorn in my side for the last month.  The course material itself wasn’t so bad, but the assignments were awful.  They weren’t hard, it was just impossible to understand what in the world the people were asking for.  Agh.  That’s why I failed my first assignment.  I’ve just finished up assignments 2 and 3 in the last two days, so *hopefully* I did them correctly.  Buuuut if I did mess something up on #2, there’s no way to fix it on #3.  Ohhhh well.  Now I have to do an assignment for my Acadia course tomorrow, and at some point do the readings for Acadia as well.  I still have 8 days of reading work left.  And once I get to St. Paul I have to start studying for my Queen’s exam!  AGH.  All in the name of L4T and camp!  Get me out of here, man.  C’mon Northwoods!


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