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AGH! July 5, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 9:59 pm

Today I packed my entire life!  And I finished my last assignment for Acadia!  I got the box for sending my laptop in to be fixed!  I copied my entire life off of my laptop into my iPod (Have you hugged your iPod today?)!  I had to rush to get it done before 6 so I could get my laptop in the mail!  Then we realized we couldn’t mail it through the place through which we thought we could mail it!  Then I realized that copying my Outlook file over to my iPod would take 20 minutes!  Now I’m just out of time!  And am going to have to have my neighbour mail my laptop instead since we’re leaving first thing in the morning!  Agh!

…breathe, breathe..


2 Responses to “AGH!”

  1. Gary Says:

    Someone get her a paper bag!

  2. KiwiGeek Says:

    I know I have.

    Hugged my ipod, that is.

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