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Flash forward. August 3, 2006

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So I got an email from Mark Sandor today, and was amused when he told me this story:

As we were driving home, we thought we caught up with you and Josh and Jenny.  We came up behind a vehicle that was exactly the same make and model as the Penman’s, and had Montana tags.  There were three people and lots of luggage in it too!  The driver appeared to be an energetic male whose head was bobbing in what we thought might be a ‘Kiwi’ fashion.  We were about to start honking the horn and waving until we remembered that this made no sense whatsoever, unless you were taking an exceedingly scenic route and had driven very slowly (as you guys left about two hours before we did).  Nevertheless we had to investigate, and after a little reckless driving, we got around the car and saw there was indeed one man, two women, and lots of luggage, but all the occupants were probably twice the age of those we were looking for. Anyhow, maybe we saw what you three will be doing in twenty years after camp, assuming, of course, that you and Josh continue to go for the next twenty years…


3 Responses to “Flash forward.”

  1. Stace Says:

    hahaha… wow, that’s a classic 🙂

  2. ducky Says:

    weeeeird man 🙂

  3. KiwiGeek Says:

    Hm… 20 years.

    Yup, I’m up for that.

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