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~I want to be in love with only you. August 16, 2006

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Perhaps a quasi-real post?

So much has happened in the last month and a half.  I feel like camp was ages ago and it hasn’t even been three weeks yet.

So, at the beginning of July my parents and I shipped out for a cross-country trek to Minnesota.  It was…not the most fun, as you can imagine, but it was worth the trip.  Along the way I got to experience the Adventure of the Expanding Luggage.  What started out as a small seat and space to cram myself into became progressively smaller and smaller as the hours wore on.  It also didn’t help that I was trying to study along the way, so I had my textbook and iPod and highlighter and papers overflowing my lap.  We stopped somewhere in Illinois, at which point I bailed to talk to Charlie and study in the continental breakfast area.  That’s fun.  The last few hours as we were approaching Minnesota through Wisconsin seemed to take forever.  Some highlights of the trip:

-Official Nickname of Ohio: “Ohio, official corn supplier of the entire world.”
-Ho-Chunk Casino, Wisconsin
-seeing the first advertisement for cheese in Wisconsin, and my dad yelling, “CHEESE!  FINALLY!”
-Cheese Chalet chain of restaurants, Wisconsin
-stepping outside, sniffing the air, then saying, “Smells like cows.  …well, it is Wisconsin.” 
-Official Nickname of Wisconsin: “Smells like cows.”
-seeing the license plate UL8 ME2

When we finally pulled up at my apartment building, I searched all around the building and couldn’t find my apartment.  Huh.  Surely this wasn’t some sort of cruel joke?  Apartments 1, 3, 4, 5, all the way to 10, but no 2.  Eventually I went around the back of the building and found a nameless door which I assumed was mine.  The apartment is fairly nice.  It’s a studio, and it’s smaller than I expected, but overall it’s a good place to live.  I figure it’s probably double the size of my bedroom in Kingston, and I lived in that room for 4 years, so this should be luxury ๐Ÿ™‚  My two double-wide closets are awesome.  I actually walked into one and hid behind the wall and said, “Look, Mom!  I have a walk-in closet!”  I think I’m about a 10 minute walk from the St. Paul campus, so that should be awesome.  The St. Paul campus is really nice – a nice green lawn, flowers, trees, and a big corn patch in the middle of the city.  Yay for aggies.  We drove through the Minneapolis campus just a little bit, and got lost, so I didn’t get to see a whole lot. 

We got me somewhat moved in on Friday, then my parents left to stay in a hotel with real beds.  I slept on the floor…in my own apartment.  Then on Saturday we had church with the Minneapolis brethren.  That’s the weekend that everybody was up at the campout, so only about 1/3 of the people were there.  Saturday night we started putting furniture together, and my parents stayed that night on the air mattress.  Again, it’s a pretty small place, and I hadn’t completely unpacked yet, so the floorspace was pretty much all taken up. 

Sunday was our major shopping day.  We bought…a lot of stuff.  A bed, yay!  We bought the first bed I sat on in the furniture store.  It was the floor model, so it was super cheap.  Eh, so I share bugs with a few customers.  Whatever.  We also hit Target and Walmart pretty hard.  After that it was back to assemble more furniture and whatnot, unpack, and try to get things straightened up.  Monday morning my parents left to head over to Michigan for L4T.  I spent most of the day painting one of my four closet doors.  They were looking pretty rough, so I got permission from the landlord to paint them. 

Around dinner time Mark and Amanda Sandor showed up.  We had pizza, then headed across the border to Ben and Lisa Wilson’s place for the night.  We had drinks and played cards all night, then left in the morning for L4T.  It was a long drive across the top of Wisconsin and Michigan.  Trees…trees…trees.  I was concerned that we were going to be late and miss everyone coming in, but when we got there there was…no one there.  Well, Diana was there, but she was sleeping in the dorm.  So we got to be the greeting party for everybody else.

L4T went well.  We had 17 singles plus Mark and Amanda.  It seemed to go by really quickly this year.  For me L4T was quite drama-packed.  I’m glad that’s over.  A classic quote from Mr. Weston: “I don’t want to follow anyone who can’t get me killed.”

The morning that L4T ended and camp started we had a big storm and lost power.  No power at camp means no lights, no fridges, and importantly, no water.  A lot of us missed showers that morning.  We were also supposed to be cleaning up the dorms for camp, but that’s hard to do without water.  The power ended up coming back on before lunch, thankfully.

So, camp.  It was a good year overall.  No one got sent home, although many of the counsellors were hoping a couple kids would be.  Josh and I were brother/sister dorm again in Dorm 2.  One of the most exciting nights was when we heard the rumours about a boy sneaking around at night.  Kristen and I were in contact with Kyle and Josh via walkie-talkies to get them to check it out.  They went on a stake-out…in their underwear.  It was pretty exciting stuff.  Charlie and I also started dating while we were at camp.  Yay ๐Ÿ™‚  A few highlights:

-Josh: “It’s good fun, but messy.”
-a misspelling in one of my campers’ notebooks: “The Lord testes the heart.”
-me: “So basically your campers have no counsellors right now?”  Josh: “I promoted Joey.”
-Josh: “Camp just wouldn’t be the same without campers.”  Me: “…it’d be better.”
-Josh: “And I’m not nimble.”
-one of Josh’s campers, while standing around the fire on the canoe trip: “I’ve almost dried out my underbutt.”
-grass fight with Kyle, me shoving grass up his shorts, then Kyle: “That’s the most action I’ve gotten in years.”
-Lena: “I think that camper is dumb enough to think we’re stupid.”
-me: “Either there’s a bug in my pants or I’m twitterpated.”
-Kyle: “SCATTER!!!”
-during the Chocolate Bar Sermon, “Mr. Weston gave Dr. Winnail an STD!”
-the 4000 questions book (courtesy of Charlie)

So camp ended, I came back here with Josh and Jenny, and a couple days later we headed out for New York with the family.  We were up there for 5 days, and that was good fun.  I had to take an exam while I was up there (just like when I was at camp), so I spent a good amount of time studying rather than socializing.  Poo.  Oh well, it’s over, and I was still able to go and enjoy myself.

We came back from NY on Friday, and on Saturday Sophia drove down from PA.  After services we drove over to Arlington National Cemetery and walked around a bit and saw the tomb of the unknown soldier.  Okay, well, that was after we drove in circles around DC a couple times because we kept missing our turns.  Oh well.  It was good fun.  And then on the way home we totally saw a take-down.  Three cops chasing this one car, eventually cornered him, ripped him out of his car and threw him on the ground.  It was exciting.  Yay, DC.  That night Sophia stayed here and we watched The Little Mermaid.  Ah, memories of our girlhood.

So, I leave tomorrow for Minnesota.  At 6:35AM.  From Richmond.  Yaaaay.  Thankfully Jeff Heun’s parents offered to pick me up at the airport, otherwise I might have sat there for hours.  I’ll be up in MN for 12 days, unpacking, getting settled in, and going to orientation meetings.  On the 29th I’m heading out (yet again) to fly down to KC and meet up with Charlie.  I’m going to hang out with him in Columbia for about 5 days…aaaaand take another exam.  Cursed correspondence courses!  It’s pretty ridiculous – I took three courses from three different universities.  Queen’s is in Kingston, and I took my exam in Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan.  Guelph University is…in Guelph, and I took that exam in Saranac Lake, New York.  Acadia University is in Nova Scotia, and I’m going to take that exam in Columbia, Missouri.  Let’s all say “I’m tired of travelling” together.

So, that’s my July and August wrapped up in a very large nutshell.  Right now I have a course to finish, so I’m off.  See you in Minnesota, kids!


3 Responses to “~I want to be in love with only you.”

  1. K Says:

    “The other night, we sat outside, waiting for, boys to arrive”
    Aww Annette.. Good times.
    I’d acutally forgotten about scatter until I read that… unbelievable but true. ๐Ÿ™‚
    So I see you haven;t freaked out yet. Congratulations.
    ps. brushing my teeth is not as much fun without you….

  2. KiwiGeek Says:

    Don’t forget:
    Kyle: I thought he had a lot of chest hair until I started growing hair out of my throat.

  3. Jokerr Says:

    I was promoted?

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