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Well, that sucked. September 5, 2006

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Typical Annette Day. 

This has been the worst day of grad school ever.  Yeah, that’s saying a lot.  Grad school started today and I haven’t even had any classes yet.

So, I needed groceries.  The other nutrition master’s student in my building has said that I can go grocery shopping with her since she has a car, but she just went shopping a couple days ago when I was in Missouri.  So, that leaves me with my original plan of taking two buses to get to the grocery store.  And back.  Yeah, it’ll suck, but it won’t be that bad.  I’d never taken these buses before, but with some map-memorization, anxiety and good eyes, I managed to get on and off at the right places.  I bought myself $83.24 of groceries, and proceeded to fall back into the old tradition of packing as many food items as physicall possible into my backpack, then carrying the rest.  This amounts to approximately 45–50 pounds in my back and another 15 or so in my hands.

I walked across the parking lot, across the major intersection, and eventually figured out where the bus stop was.  I waited, and eventually it came.  That was the most people I have ever seen packed onto one little bus.  Like, people everywhere.  Every seat taken.  One guy’s carrying a TV.  And of course at this point with my massive amount of groceries I’m three people wide and three people deep, so I ain’t getting a seat anywhere.  Yay, I get to stand.  And I already have no balance because I have so much extra weight disproportionately strapped to my body.  Standing in a moving vehicle didn’t help.  So, I take that bus and again kind of have to guess where to get off to catch the next bus.  I get off, notice that the bus won’t be here for another 10 minutes, and take up residence on the bench.

It’s hot.  Really hot.  It probably wouldn’t have been hot if I hadn’t spontaneously gained 65 pounds, but…man.  So I wait.  I look for the bus.  A big truck comes and parks right in my view, so I can’t see when the bus is coming.  Well, the bus driver knows this stop is here, so he’ll stop and I’ll get on.  No worries.  Eventually I see the bus, and I get up with my pack on, lean over to grab my other bags, look directly at the bus driver….and the bus drives by. 

What?  What just happened?  Was that an express bus?  Is there another bus coming?  I check the schedule again.  No, that was the only bus, and it was right on time.  I look around.  Well, here I am.  In a really sketchy part of St. Paul.  By myself.  With 65 pounds of groceries.  I look at the schedule again.  The next bus doesn’t come for another 30 minutes.  sigh.  I don’t want to sit here for 30 minutes.  I can probably walk home faster than that.  Well, kids, let’s get trekking.

So I walk.  And walk.  I have to take breaks every few minutes.  It’s a 1.3 mile walk, and it takes me 45 minutes.  And it’s awful every step of the way.  I’m like…in awful rundown very sketchy Midway, people are staring at me, making comments like, “Wow, you went grocery shopping,” I’m soaked in sweat, I haven’t eaten in 6 hours, and I have cans of navy beans digging in my back.  Towards the end of the trip as I was catching my breath under a tree, the bus that I hadn’t wanted to wait for drove past.  Thanks, MetroTransit.  You made my day.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go start grad school.


6 Responses to “Well, that sucked.”

  1. Kerr Says:

    Maybe they just don’t like foriegners.

  2. Kerr Says:


  3. Kerr Says:


  4. Kerr Says:


  5. Infinity Says:

    I don’t like your fingers, dirty nose-picker boy.

  6. Kerr Says:

    Exactly, so why would they pick you up?

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