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We all need a REVIVAL! September 24, 2006

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I for one have immensely enjoyed the laughing, the crying, and the overall communication produced by blogs.  I don’t want to see it die.  I know I have been part of the blog slowdown, but this is important to me and I want it to continue.  I suggest a revival.  Start blogging more frequently. 

If we don’t, we’ll either have to go back to email and IM (and really, who has time for that), or we’ll just stop talking all together.  Right now we need all the means of sustaining connections with each other as possible.  There are many people whom I’ve gotten to know better (or at all) through blogs, and I’m thankful for that.  So…here’s to blogging, kids!  Go out there and get your blog on!


2 Responses to “We all need a REVIVAL!”

  1. K Says:

    get your blog on… nice.

    Oh and I am currently in possession of your 5lbs of biochem notes… if my suitcase is overweight I’m going to blame you 🙂

  2. Infinity Says:


    Thanks, Kristen!! 🙂

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