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~Because you’re mine, I walk the line. September 26, 2006

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BBC Phrase of the Day – Gossip: “Mutter from the gutter”

So, things are going relatively well.  In the last 5 school days I have done two school lunch program observations, prepared and presented a 20–minute presentation, staffed the computer lab, had a massage (for an energy healing assignment) by a Romanian woman named Coca, taken a quiz, turned in a homework assignment, and written a 4–page essay.  Plus all the other normal stuff.

Tomorrow the real fun starts.  I get to begin grading.  The first part of our students’ diet analysis project is due tomorrow, and I have to start grading it right away because I have to turn the papers back in early because of the Feast.  I don’t think it’ll be that bad.  Hopefully.  I really haven’t done a whole lot as a TA so far (which has been wonderful), but I’ve enjoyed the little bit that I have done.  I’ve really enjoyed working with the students and helping them understand things better.

My perception of what the next few years of my life hold has changed fairly dramatically (at least as far as I’m concerned) in the last week or two.  The [tentative] plan previously was to do my Master’s in 2 years here, then likely do another 2 years here to fulfill the Registered Dietitian requirements.  Or, alternatively, I could do the RD somewhere else, but it’d probably take longer.  A couple weeks ago I sat down with paper and pen and scheduled out when I’d take all my Master’s courses.  I’m taking 8 credits more than required because I’m doing a graduate minor.  And even with the extra credits, I looked at the courses I need to take and thought, “I bet I can do this in a year and a half.”  It’d require taking two courses over the summer, and 13 credits during the school year (plus TAing, ideally), but I think that’s do-able.  I haven’t figured out the logistics yet, but that’s my plan right now. 

Also, yesterday as I was avoiding writing my essay, I did a couple quick job searches at two community health clinics.  The two I looked at both had openings for someone with a background in nutrition, and were relatively clinically/community based, which is what I’d like to do.  AND.  AND.  They didn’t require an RD.  The whole purpose of my planning to do an RD was so that I would be able to do clinical work.  But it looks like I could work directly with people in some environments without an RD.  The job description I looked at most closely was for working with WIC, which seems like it could be a good organization to get involved with.  So now I’m thinking…do I really need an RD?  Why spend another 2 years in school if I can get a decent-paying job right out of school, and potentially work my way up into other areas?  Or, get hired by a company and have them pay for me to get my RD.  That sounds like a plan to me.  So, basically I have no idea what I’m doing, which is pretty much where I was before I had any of these epiphanies.

Anyway, that’s my deal.  Charlie and I have an agreement that if I’m in bed by 9:45 tonight he’ll make me smoothies at the Feast (aww yeah), so I’ve got to run.  Be good, kids.


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