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Chicken butt. October 21, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 2:13 am

Eating meat is a significantly more disturbing process when you have to prepare the meat while the thing still looks like an animal.  Preparing a chicken breast is one thing, but preparing a whole chicken is quite another.  Poor little chicken had its head cut off and its guts pulled out its butt.

But it sure did taste good.


5 Responses to “Chicken butt.”

  1. igaray Says:

    I can’t quite say that I feel for the chicken 😉

  2. Kerr Says:

    Chickens are ridiculous animals. I’ve butchered many in my day. I can’t say I’m a fan. Not because I butchered them, but because they just aren’t as tasty as better meat.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Blasphemy, Kerr, blasphemy!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    As I heard on a commercial for steak “They don’t call it a chicken knife”

  5. Gary Says:

    Chicken? Try an elk 🙂

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