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Theme of the Feast of Tabernacles 2006: The Feast of Tabernacles. October 21, 2006

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Thank you for that astute observation, Marshall Moluf.

It’s the altitude.

Headache?  It’s the altitude.
Beer overflowing?  It’s the altitude.
Can’t move your neck?  It’s the altitude.
Overinflated bag of salad?  It’s the altitude.
Out of breath at any given moment?  It’s the altitude.

Quote of the Feast: [Marshall] Is there anything more dangerous than an unemployed church person with an Internet connection?

So, Copper Mountain, Colorado, 2006.  ‘Twas a good year.  Mountains, snow.  Wonderful people.  I’ll try to make this a reasonably interesting summary, rather than a painful dissertation.  I make no promises.  Unless otherwise stated, you can safely assume I was with Charlie at all waking moments.

-slept for 2 hours, woke up at 4:45AM, got picked up by the Lee’s mom at 5:45AM, drove to their house
-nervously weighed 12 suitcases on the bathroom scale (“Please don’t be over 50, please don’t be over 50…”)
-packed 7 people and 13 pieces of luggage into a Winstar minivan airport taxi for the trip to the airport (the Lee mom, Dalen and I had my suitcase across our three laps)
-met up with Josh and Jennie Kerr (not to be confused with Josh and Jenny Penman – that’s just weird), drank coff-ay
-flew to Denver, reading an (immensely uplifting) eating disorder memoire along the way
-picked up our luggage, I got stabbed in the back with the pokey part of the remnant of Cole’s “I am loved” (aka – “I ate my lover”) pin
-met up with Charlie, Karl and Marshall; accused Karl of breaking my watch (which is still hanging limply from one pin on the watch strap)
-picked up the rental cars, met up with Desiree and the girls
-attempted to drive to Copper Mountain, got distracted by 137 stops along the way, finally made it to our condos
-made it to the last 10 minutes of choir practice (go us)
-opening night services, got greeted with “Hey Infinity!” by Karen’s dad (hi Mr. Tremble!)
-afterwards Cheerios for dinner at the boys’ place, gave Charlie the PhotoStamps and Tim Tams (after which he promptly attacked me)

-services, performed King All Glorious, lunch at the pizza place with Kyle and the crew
-dinner at the Ore House (no, seriously) in Frisco with the boys
-met the old man with the oxygen tank who asked us if we were all family
-met up with the tail end of the singles bonfire
-Sophia and Sherril’s gauntlet race in the dark
-party at the boys’ place, going through The Question Book with Charlie, Jeremy, Kristen and Kyle

-services, lunch at the natural foods store in Frisco (those were awesome sandwiches) – Diana: “Wow, you can tell it’s organic.  It tastes like dirt.”
-called 411 to get directions to the nearest grocery store, then realized we were driving past it
-planned to go hiking, then it started to rain, then we felt tired and lazy and sat around all afternoon, went in the hot tub and laughed at the rest of them when they came back from hiking huffing and puffing and covered in mud (…or was that really mud?)
-dinner in Breckenridge with the crew, played Charlie’s Feast CD and heard “Canadian Idiot” for the first time (and hit him – hard, many times)

-planned to do the mountain biking trip with the teens, but the trip got cancelled because of predictions of snow
-Charlie and I shopped around Breckenridge, went to Starbucks
-singles pizza party

-woke up at 5:45AM with a blinding pain in my neck, got up, realized I couldn’t move my neck, felt like I was going to pass out and/or vomit, Jessica woke up and massaged me, I called Charlie, woke him up, he ran over and massaged my neck for 3 hours
-barely made it to church, had to leave after the sermonette, slept outside on the couch through the rest of services
-got an 80 minute massage (the best $155 massage I’ve ever had)
-stayed horizontal the rest of the day
-“Talent” show, which we endured for approximately 10 minutes (plus long enough to hear Shelby, which was an encouraging respite)
-cocktail party at our place, quality Talk with Karl
-Sophia and Josh’s sumo wrestling in the hallway, getting yelled at by a woman down the hall

-lunch with Angie and Todd, Nick and Angel and Kyle (while Charlie served at Family Day)
-drove to Denver with Karl, Cherie and Jessica
-shopped at 16th Street Mall
-met up with the rest of the gang at a Brazilian steakhouse (amazing…and overwhelming), Charlie Nasworthy’s impressive and disturbing lust for beef

-Jeep offroading in the mountains with Barb, Krissie, Robert, Todd (Grandma Raymond), Erin, Derek and Ashley
-driving up and down the same strip of trail four times, our little cabin in the woods, Todd’s grandma driving, Barb’s very NOT-grandma driving
-dinner/dance, Charlie teaching me dances
-party at the boys’ place

-lunch at the Chinese place
-hit the shopping outlets in Silverthorne, bought gobs of clothing, spent wads of cash
-went hiking, realized how pathetic we are at high altitudes
-hymn sing and singles’ Bible study

-double services, lunch at the A-Train, sang New Heaven, New Earth
-Mr. Ames told a story about how on the LGD in 1988, the power went out during the last sermon and he had to give the rest of the sermon in the dark
-…LGD 2006, the power went out during the last sermon, Mr. Meredith’s video turned off, and Mr. Ames had to give the rest of the sermon in the dark.  That’s just weird.
-party at boys’ place, gave away all the food (and alcohol), went through The Question Book with Sherril, Mike, Sophia, Desiree and Josh

-drove to Denver with Charlie, dropped off the car
-checked our stuff in, Charlie ate lunch
-found the nearest coffee shop so we could do Tim Tam Slams
-pawned our carry-ons off on the Kerrs and Lees, wandered around the airport, rode the moving sidewalks
-said goodbye to the CRT, slept all the way home

So, yeah.  It was a good Feast.  I felt like we sat around a lot, so it was a little bit unsatisfying in that respect.  But that was also partially because my neck was broken and I wasn’t really up for really active activities after that.  But overall it was a good Feast.  Colorado was amazingly beautiful, and I would absolutely recommend going and hope I can go back.

Pictures still forthcoming.


3 Responses to “Theme of the Feast of Tabernacles 2006: The Feast of Tabernacles.”

  1. Karl Says:

    That should be:

    Talk with Karl©

  2. Kerr Says:

    I don’t think the fight was Tuesday night.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    “Quote of the Feast: [Marshall] Is there anything more dangerous than an unemployed church person with an Internet connection?”

    When I was at AC one of the instructors said the most dangerous thing was a sophomore let loose with the word of God.

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