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~Sing a little bit of these workin’ man blues. November 3, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 5:54 am

Well, so far I’ve spent over 34 hours on grading.  That’s over the course of about 7 days.  I have 88 projects to go.  Almost there, almost there.  blargh.

Some highlights: A student who informed me that she’d eaten 2 cups of “H2Omelon.”  And the best project ever – a student who wrote as the answer to the BMI *calculation* question (which specifically tells you to show your work): “Healthy.”  I laughed so hard.  Alma, one of the other TAs, and I have bonded quite a bit over this nonsense.  Every day there’s something new for us to commiserate about.

Here’s to another Sabbath tomorrow night, and maybe possibly getting my sty of an apartment cleaned up tomorrow afternoon.  I’ve run out of dishes again.


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