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Ooshy Gooshy Nonsense and Evil Eyes. November 9, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 1:54 am

Me: if we get married, can we make sure we live somewhere that has a dishwasher?
Charlie: You’ll be there, isn’t that your name?
Charlie:  🙂
Me: i’m glaring at you right now.


5 Responses to “Ooshy Gooshy Nonsense and Evil Eyes.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    You’re already SO spoiled! Now you want a dishwasher!?!?

  2. Desiree Says:

    You know, Aaron makes similar comments to me…

  3. flyinryan Says:

    you know one of the first places we moved into after getting married had a dishwasher…which I opened not even once . Two people just don’t make enough dishes 😉

  4. Infinity Says:

    I don’t believe you 🙂 I alone make enormous amounts of dishes.

  5. ducky Says:

    Josh and I have discovered by accident that cutting back to eating only once a day reduces the amount of dishes we have to do 😉

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