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Merrp. November 15, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 2:38 am

I was just thinking, “Oh no!  I forgot to print off the lecture notes for Metabolism tomorrow!”  Then I remembered, we don’t have a regular lecture tomorrow.  Because *I* am giving a presentation. 

Good thing I’ve been thinking about this a lot.

On a related note, it’s pretty weird to find your own PowerPoint presentation up on WebCT.


5 Responses to “Merrp.”

  1. Kerr Says:

    Your powerpoint presentation is on WebCT?

  2. Infinity Says:

    Yessir. I’m just THAT important.

  3. ducky Says:


  4. Kerr Says:

    You’re almost as cool as me. Almost.

  5. Benjammin Says:

    WebCT! I know what that is!


    I’m attending college too!

    …may sound small but hey it’s exciting for me.

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