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Whew. November 18, 2006

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Another week finished.  Only 3 1/2 weeks of school left.  Man.  I fly home on December 15.  I don’t think I can handle thinking about that right now.  Moving on.


No, seriously.  I just went to start dinner, and looked in my closet (the same closet as the maggot story) for some food, only to find that part of a packet of dry teriyaki sauce had been chewed open.  And my hot chocolate container had been chewed upon, too, but not opened.  sigh.  My friend upstairs, Jessica, said a few weeks ago that she had a mouse in her apartment.  Our landlord had given her humane traps, but she refused to deal with a live mouse, so she went out and bought real mouse traps.  Apparently she didn’t get it.  Blaaarrrgggh.  I had to bleach my cans for the *second* time.

And my darling boyfriend decided to try to make me even more paranoid by saying, “But you can’t just bleach the tops!  What if it rubbed up against the side?  What if it rubbed its BUTT on the side of your can?!”  Punk.

This was a pretty good week.  I had an exam on Monday and two presentations on Wednesday.  The exam went really well, and the presentations did, too.  I think I’m getting much more comfortable with talking in front of big groups.  The presentation I did for Nutrition and Metabolism was in front of our class of about 90 people.  That’s quite a few.  The other presentation I did was for Energy Healing, and was on yoga.  I presented two research articles on the benefits of yoga, and then my partner and I led our class in doing yoga for around 10–15 minutes.  It was really really cool.  We got a lot of really positive feedback.  Everyone thought it was really cool, and felt so nice, and wanted to look more into it.  PLUS, my darling boyfriend made a suggestion which everyone really loved. has some really awesome yoga photos that they offer as desktops, and I decided I wanted to use them in our presentation.  At first I thought I’d use them as the background for the slides, but it was just too hard to make the text readable on multi-coloured photos.  I asked Charlie for help, he looked at it and decided it wasn’t worth our time, and then suggested that we just use the pictures as a slideshow during our presentation instead of the regular old PowerPoint presentation.  Brilliant!  The class LOVED it.  They were like, “That’s the best idea I’ve ever seen!  It made it so interesting, and kept your attention.  I hate boring PowerPoint presentations!  That was great!  I’m stealing that idea!”  So that was really cool.  Yay for having a brilliant designer boyfriend. 🙂

So, grad school.  Is it really supposed to be like this?  I’m not saying it’s been easy.  Far from it.  But it seems like nothing in comparison to undergrad.  I think a big part of that is just coming to a new level of understanding how to learn, how to study, and how to work.  But besides that, I just don’t have nearly as much work as I did in undergrad.  Nor is the work as difficult.  I’ve always believed that there was a huge difference between the Canadian and US educational systems, and this really has confirmed it.  I’m taking five classes: one is Pass/Fail and I’m clearly passing it, and in 3 of the 4 others I have 100%.  Is that supposed to happen?  That’s just…it makes me laugh and be frustrated all at the same time.  People have never believed me that school is more difficult in Canada, but if that’s not living proof, I don’t know what is.

Besides that, life is pretty good.  This week had some ups and downs, but ups overall.  The Sabbath is a beautiful blessing.

Things I learned this week:
1) Figure out how the pointer works before getting up in front of 90 people.
2) Don’t assume you know something unless you explicitly ask.
3) Watch out for mice.
4) The old computer monitor in my office makes my eyes hurt.
5) “Sheepskin” condoms are made out of sheep intestine.
6) Yoga can improve pregnancy outcomes.
7) Yoga may prevent and treat eating disorders.
8) God’s Comforter does its job.
9) Random people stumble upon my blog (and email me to ask about “exercise-induced uterine cramps”).
10) Love covers all.

What’d you learn this week?


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