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In other news. December 7, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 6:17 pm

My classes have been emphasizing the concept that eating disorders and obesity are two problems which are not distinct, but a continuum exists between the two. I think this is a fantastic quote.

“Dissatisfaction with body size and shape has become the norm for females in America, and those concerns are increasing among boys. Body angst is now so prevalent among adolescent girls, it is an expected part of puberty. In the past decade, this problem has affected a growing number of preteen children as well. The most common source of this self-absorbed preoccupation is the subjective experience of ‘feeling fat’ (negatively loaded), or fear of ‘becoming fat,’ regardless of actual size. Ironically, in the same decades during which heightened anxiety about weight generated increased weight loss efforts, the American population became the fattest on earth.”


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