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Living Reflections Memory Book. December 17, 2006

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Charlie’s working on the LYC Living Reflections book again this year, and he needs some help. Here’s your chance to make your pictures famous!

[BTW: This is my 666th post.]



I’m on the lookout for some great pictures from camp. If you have a
great picture from camp, le’me know about it.

Email me a small version of it, or a link to your image online.

What kind of pictures do you want?
I’m looking for good up close people pictures just like the great
pictures that Seth F. took at LYC 2006. Like this:

What kind of pictures do you NOT want?
Pictures that are distant that don’t show us facial expressions.

I have like, a gazillion pictures on my Ringo site, can you just look through them all?
I guess I could, but I’d like to finish this before next camp, so if
you could just pick a few of your favorites, that’d be outstanding and
you’ll get a gold star.


One Response to “Living Reflections Memory Book.”

  1. linda_kiddo Says:

    hey, now! why am I in the picture that is an example of what we do not want?! So not fair 😛

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