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~Well it’s a long way to Richmond, rollin’ north on 95… December 17, 2006

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Hey kids. I’m back in Virginia, whoohoo! I got in late Friday night because I had to transfer in Atlanta, and we ended up having to sit IN the plane for 2 hours, waiting for our crew to show up. It was really not a pleasant experience. But anyway, I’m back now.

We had church in Winchester yesterday, and afterwards the men had club. Julie Arnold Sampson was there, as were Michelle Hyun Marvel and her new husband Chip, so we sat around and chatted while we waited for club to finish up. Our conversation revolved around being newlyweds, so we had some very interesting and informative conversations, let me tell you. 🙂 It was some of the best girl conversation I’ve had in long time.

Anyway, I still have a paper to write for my eating disorders class, and then I have a ton of other things to do (write a personal statement for a conference scholarship, update my resume, contact people about summer jobs, et cetera, et cetera), plus my mom and I will be cleaning H&R Block offices this week like we do every December. Alison and David come on Friday, then Charlie flies in and Brian and Jenn and Zachary drive down on Sunday. Should be a good time.

Aaaand, I didn’t even bring my laptop home. Amazing, I know.

Happy December Break, kids!


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