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~242 emails to read, 242 emails… January 8, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 12:39 am

~Open one up, delete the spam, 241 emails to read…

I’m home.

And eating Wasa crackers with roasted bell pepper hummus because I don’t want to actually cook anything. My flight was uneventful, minus feeling like my sinuses and right ear were going to explode. Cursed cold. I’m feeling pretty well overall, but am definitely looking forward to sleeping tonight. In my bed. Ahhh.

I have a gazillion and four things to do this week. I made a list on the flight home. This is going to be quite the crazy week and semester. I’m going to be taking 14 credits, plus TAing this semester. Last semester I took 12 credits. But, it’s got to be this way for me to graduate in December. Here’s to developing impeccable time management skills.


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