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~I wish I hadn’t bought you dinner right before you dumped me on your front porch. January 13, 2007

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Way-ell. Here we are again, back to real life.

This past week has been good and productive overall. I flew back on Sunday but school doesn’t start until this coming Tuesday, so I’ve had some time to get caught up on things I would never have time to do otherwise. Alma and I worked on some of our TA responsibilities for our class this semester, I FINALLY got my stupid closet doors painted, and I did an Unleavened Bread-esque cleaning. I’m sure that won’t happen again until Unleavened Bread.

I’ve also been trying to track down just what is an independent study through the Center for Spirituality and Healing. They’re the department I’m getting my minor through, and I needed to add 1 credit of their classes this semester in order to get the minor and graduate on time. I couldn’t make anything work with my schedule other than an independent study. So that’s the plan. I have to find a prof to supervise my work, though, and so far that has been a challenge. I’ve written four profs so far and have not heard back from three, and been turned down by one. Yay.

Break was…good to be on break, but stressful and really not that enjoyable in a lot of ways. I spent the first week at home working on a conference application and an essay I still had to write for one of my classes, plus some other loose end stuff. Alison and David came on Friday, then Charlie, Brian, Jenn and Zachary came on Sunday. The week that they were there we really did a whole lot of nothing. It was pretty pathetic. Our family really isn’t usually that boring. On Thursday my parents, Charlie and I went up to DC and went to the big Bible exhibit they had at one of the Smithsonians, then went to the Library of Congress and past the Supreme Court. It was a pretty fun trip overall.

Friday Charlie and I flew out to KC, and even though he was scheduled to fly out on different flights than me, we were able to get him to fly standby on my flights. That worked out really well. I think they were the most enjoyable flights I’ve ever taken. I slept the entire time. 🙂 Darling Boyfriend acts as a wonderful pillow.

KC was pretty good. We stayed with the Ostroms, and did the whole Bible study, church, dance, sports thing. Well, Charlie and I missed out on some of the activities/get-togethers because we had other issues to deal with, but it was good to be able to see everyone again and catch up. The costumes were fun. I think Charlie Nasworthy’s takes the cake, just out of sheer effort that went into crafting the sword and then lugging a really long 13-pound piece of wood around all night. That’s impressive.

I spent the following week with Charlie in Columbia (“Chaaarlie! Chaaaaaarlie!”), and we really didn’t do anything there, either. We were sick and pretty miserable, but it was fun to be sick and miserable together. We did manage to get his apartment organized and cleaned up, so that was fun. And one day Mr. Smith came out to meet with us to do pre-engagement counselling. Yeah. Don’t freak out. We’re not engaged yet. PRE-engagement. And not pre-marital, either. There’s a difference. Anyway, we’d done a Prepare/Enrich “not-a-test test” a month or two ago, so we thought we’d be going over the results of that, but Mr. Smith wanted to save that for later. We just ended up mainly getting to know each other by telling Mr. Smith how we met and about our families and things like that. One night we went out to eat with Melissa, Sarah and David, and that was fun, and another night we walked around campus. Mizzou has so much money it doesn’t know what to do with, it’s ridiculous.

Anyway, that’s my story. I’ve got to get ready for services. Happy Sabbath!


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  1. Charlie Says:

    M I Z – Z O U

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