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Agh, my lungs. January 14, 2007

Filed under: Uncategorized — Annette @ 9:18 pm

Man. Running in 9F (-13C) temperatures really didn’t work out for me today. I think I must be out of practice with knowing what to wear and how not to die when it’s cold like this. Plus just getting over a cold doesn’t help, either. Snot rocket, anyone?


3 Responses to “Agh, my lungs.”

  1. Crystal Says:

    I seriously don’t know how you do it. I’ve been going running in the evenings when it’s gotten down into the 50’s and it’s taken some getting used to. I don’t think I could do it if it got much colder.

    What can I say… I’m used to Texas weather. (=

  2. ducky Says:

    ouch… your poor little capillaries 🙂

  3. Kerr Says:

    And that’s why running is for losers.

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